Morning Run

Mile 8. Sucking wind after a set of hills. Nearly overtaken by an elderly woman power walking like Wile E. Coyote was hot on her heels. That better be me when I’m 80. Hear that, knees???


3 thoughts on “Morning Run

  1. It will be us when we’re 80. No doubt. We’ll have bionic knees by then.

    Ps….How did she wear her hair? That’s my biggest concern. Will I be 80 with a ponytail? Will a “wash n’ set” fit under my lid? Will I still be rocking a Chica Band with skulls and crossbones? This is what keeps me up at night…..

  2. She looked good. No chica band, just a jaunty little hat. You will still have the skull chica, I may be rocking the Burberry knock off chica. We’ll look fab and get our opportunity to humiliate some 40-something runner doing hillwork.

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