Why we started this blog

This past year, my dear friend and exercise machine Colby inspired me to REALLY get back into running.  A lifelong runner, I was running about 15 miles a week at this time last year and was content with that (or so I thought)  until Colby dangled a half-marathon in front of me.  Trained for it, and was hooked.  Along the way, I went from 5K’s to half marathons, warrior dashes and have started cycling, too.  The most pleasant side effect of all this exercise has undoubtedly been the ridiculous amount of fun we have had, comparing training notes and participating in races.  Who knew you could find so much humor at half marathons?  After a giggle-filled time at the Long Island Diva Half last week, I thought it would be fun to start a blog together.  I’ve always preferred to run alone (and still do), but didn’t realize until this past year how much it can inspire you to share the journey with someone you admire (and who always, always, makes you laugh).  Here, we can share our training notes, giggles, random musings and document our race experiences for future entertainment.  When I have to drag myself out of bed on a cold winter morning for a run, I know I will just have to look here for the motivation to lace up and head out…


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