Funniest Things I have seen at a race

Don’t know if I’m running today, so thought I would post some of the funny things we have seen at last year’s races. I’m sure I’m missing lots, Colby, so please supplement! We can revisit the post when we need a good laugh.
1. Diva – DJ Loquacious will always make me giggle, Where is that picture of him and Cindy? I can’t even begin to describe Caffe Fromaggio – I’m too Irish. I’ll leave that to you.
2. Fairfield – I found very little funny there, but I do love Jenn’s picture of us cheesing at the camera with the soon-to-be-forgotten bag of shirts hanging from the signpost. I also giggle over that chick who had the audacity to drop trou and pee at the starting line. Do you know her from somewhere? I get a minor chuckle (now) at passing the finish line with heatstroke and Andrew approaching me DEMANDING to go home because he was standing in the sun for almost an hour and it was hot. No sh*t, Sherlock, I just ran a half and stopped sweating about 5 miles ago. Oh, to be a child full of pure, unadulterated id again!
3. New Haven – the description of your Rocky finish gets me every time. Take that, Lululemon. And running through the ‘hood with the calls of “You lookin’ fiiiiine, girl!” And me having to wend my way through another 20K trying to get out of the parking garage.
4. Warrior. Ummm, all of it? Especially the guy doing the cha cha slide with a turkey leg in one hand and a corn cob in the other. And Cindi rocking the bandanna a la Richard Simmons. And Michelle putting chip dust on her salmon. And you with one shoe. Umm yeah, ok, all of it.
5. Danbury – don’t remember too much silliness. Do remember getting into pacelock with someone for miles 2-4 and wondering how it is possible to smell at the START of a half marathon. In the cold.
I know I’m forgetting a million, so I will have to reply with more as they come to me.


One thought on “Funniest Things I have seen at a race

  1. Here’s the funny thing about your post (which had me laughing out loud I might add)—you haven’t even scratched the surface. And isn’t that wonderful? Running IS fun! At least sometimes it is! (I mean except for your quads giving you the finger during hill repeats. That is of course, only if they had teeny tiny hands. The visual of which cracks me up immediately. See? Laughing again!) How can you not crack up toeing the starting line with sequined Shamrock antennae affixed to your head for a St.Paddy’s Day 5k with a friend whom you adore? (Our first race together T! And one where I realized that I have a GIANT face. But I digress…) Come on. Having a girl scout slap a tiara on your head and fling a hot pink feather boa around your sweaty shoulders at mile 12 is ridiculous. (And here I was at mile 12 looking for Gatorade?) Having your friends form a “human shield” around you at the start of the Fairfield Half so you can relieve yourself among THRONGS of people is hilarious. (Crude? Maybe. But funny? Totes.) I ran over 2 miles of the Warrior Dash with one freaking shoe. (If that didn’t get me the “Hagar the Horrible” Silver Helmet nothing will.)
    So yes. We laugh an awful lot. Dare I say we crack ourselves up. Frequently. BUT (comma) We run hard. We train. We push. We sweat. We don’t stop.

    And that my silly running partner in crime, is no effen joke.

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