Inspiration is Everywhere

So, today I’m reading about running instead of running. How lame. Maybe that’s why I haven’t worked up to a marathon yet? Reading Kara Goucher’s “Running for Women.” I just read her account of her first marathon – the 2008 NYC Marathon – and how she threw up several times during the last 8 or so miles of the race due to dehydration and cramping. She ended up finishing 3rd – the fastest American woman in that race and the fastest debut marathon time ever for an American woman. Obviously, her time and records were amazing, but my takeaway has as much to do with her puking bout as with her killer time. It’s so important to remember that a race, a ride, a run might not go how you expect, might not go your way, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make something great out of it if you finish. This needs to be my mantra the next time I feel dejected 3 miles into a long run.


One thought on “Inspiration is Everywhere

  1. Amen Sistahhhhhhh!!!! I’m glad you didn’t run today!! I needed that inspirational morsel! (I didn’t run today either which was more overdue then my library book of “Are you there God, It’s Me Margaret?” was in the 7th grade. God, I just couldn’t return that damn book. I love Judy Blume. Sigh…) It’s so true. This year I’m vowing not to put so much pressure on myself like I did at last year’s New York Marathon when a calf injury at mile 15 not only derailed a great time for me, it threatened to ruin the entire experience. That sucked. The wave of disappointment and tears that washed over me almost drowned the entire experience. It was at that moment I literally had to “tough love” myself. You know T, those “discussions” we have in our heads when we realize we’re sliding off the rails. It went like this: Whhhhhhhhyyyyyy?!?! Whhhhhhhy?!?! (Insert Nancy Kerrigan post-clubbing wail here). Rational Me: Because it did. Don’t ask why. It happened. Now you have two choices: 1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Ohhhh. You sad your calf hurts during your marathon Colby?!? Ouchy-ouch huh? AT LEAST YOU ARE HEALTHY ENOUGH TO RUN ONE YOU FOOL. Get your shit together Lady. Slow down. Run comfortably and look around. You’re running the goddamn New York City Marathon. EXPERIENCE IT. or 2. Quit. Just give up Sad Sack. What? Can’t handle a run on an absolutely gorgeous day? Bail then.

    I calmly chose 1. And finished respectably. I learned an awful lot about myself that beautiful day.

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