Nostalgia Tuesday

Colby, I don’t think you have ever met these old friends of mine. The Avia jacket (decked out in 80’s neon) is circa 1988 and my trusty sports walkman is from whenever sports walkmen came out. I ran with the Avia jacket today, though I no longer use the sports walkman (but will never, never throw it away!). These babies have been with me forever, it seems. Either or both have joined me in running over volcanoes in Hawaii, parks in London, the streets of Vienna and alongside the shore of Lake Geneva. If you can count hotel treadmills (darn ski vacations!), they have been with me on runs in every state I have ever visited, with the possible exception of Utah – can’t remember if the hotel had a gym. I love them both and will never get rid of them, even though my sister is completely skeeved out by the fact that I still own the jacket, and even more so by the fact that I still wear it. That said, I looked long and hard to find one to replace it, especially since it no longer has elastic at the wrists and waist. You’d be shocked at how impossible it is to find a simple, one-ply windbreaking running jacket. A few years ago, I decided to stop trying. She’s seen me through a lot, and I’m not giving her up now.


5 thoughts on “Nostalgia Tuesday

  1. Oh no Poodle. I’ve met the Ancient Avia neon one-ply jacket. I believe you were sporting her the day we ran at 6:30am at the track prior to our Day of Beauty at The Spa. We ran intervals in a freezing wind tunnel that day if I am remembering correctly. Although we weren’t formally introduced (Hi Neon Avia. I’m Colby. Nice to meet you.), I’d remember her anywhere. I loved her. Because I knew that in order for you to keep a big ol’ neon circa ’88 jacket, she’s gotta have a lotta miles on her. And I mean that in a good way (not in a Paris Hilton kinda-way). Why give up a good thing?

  2. Believe it or not, Ancient Avia pre-dates the Ancient Nishiki. I think I need to reflect on my hoarding tendencies when it comes to athletic gear, especially since I played catch the other day with my baseball glove (sporting the name “Lyons” in big red sharpie) from my little league career during the late 70’s. Not kidding. But it’s perfectly broken in…..

  3. Oh, and thanks for the laugh I got remembering the “wind tunnel” run. Was it 25 degrees colder than anywhere else on earth at that track, or what? What a fun day that was.

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