Short and Sweet

Since I started training for longer runs this past year, I increasingly have focused on The Long Run as the most important run of the week, and in some patches, viewed it as the only run that really mattered each week. I’m here to apologize to The Short Run for viewing it as a second class citizen.
I had a great 3.5 mile run on this crisp fall morning, and my mp3 shuffle was even kind enough to plug The Sugar Hill Gang in for my final stretch up High Point. (“We don’t mean to brag, we don’t mean to boast, but we like hot butter on our breakfast toast.” Colby – if it isn’t on your playlist, get it on there! ASAP!). There’s something to be said for taking a nice short run at full throttle – no pacing, timing, strategizing. No packing a picnic or carrying water. Just me and my mp3. It feels so free, and is the closest I get to the type of runs I did as a kid – whether after a ball, toward a base or headed for the goal – no planning or conservation of energies – just all out, all the way. They really remind me of how much I like to run. When I finish a long run, I feel satisfied and proud – sometimes, even amazed – but when I wrap up a short & fast one? I feel YOUNG.


3 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. LOVE, LOVE it. So right T. There is nothing like a short, fast run. Pure. Unadulterated. Joy. I’m looking forward to getting back to running because I want to not because I feel as if I have to check off the “15 Mile Run” box off. Bring on the short zippy run! Gimme a 5k! Any 5K! That’s what happens to me 2 weeks before a marathon. I go through my Rolodex of Runs, panicking that I haven’t run LONG enough. (Damn you Taper! Where is that bowl of Xanax?) The most important run IS the long run when you’re training for halfs on up. There really is no avoiding it . (Well there is if you want to be “The GatoradeGuy” and lose control of your faculties. Ummmm. No. No thank you. I’ll pass.) At some point for me- last weekend actually- it starts to become a chore. I hate that. It bums me out. I love running. I can’t “hate it” at this point! I’ve got The Longest Run just up ahead! Enter the Short Run. If running starts becoming a chore for me, I run short and fast. Period. I don’t care what my training schedule says. Short and fast. And if I can, in the woods. I’m smiling already….

  2. It needs to be said – again and again. You are going to do great at the MCM. I am so excited for you. Taper shmaper – it’s all part of the process and one that has worked for you THREE TIMES before. I saw you running a Long Run 2 weeks ago and you looked fabulous. Unless you decide to drink steadily and take up smoking for the next week and a half, you’re ready. And I can’t wait for you to do this one! I’ll be tracking you on the net!

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