Is Something the Matter, Officer?

Went for a Long Run today. Beautiful weather, beautiful day. Started out for a 7 mile run and decided, a la Forrest Gump, just to keep on going. Ended up doing around 12 miles and it felt great. Crossing a road in my 10th mile, a police car beeped twice and waved me over. I completely had that momentary high-school-kid-drinking-in-a-parking-lot-panic, but could not figure out what infraction I could have committed. Jaywalking? Illegal use of a porta-potty? I wasn’t even running in the road – I was on a sidewalk, so knew it couldn’t even be running on the wrong side of the road, with the traffic (is that even technically illegal, or just ill-advised?) I approached the car on wobbly legs and met with a very smiley officer who asked me how far I was running, Turns out he had passed me 3 times at various points of my run and was curious if I ever planned to stop. I told him yes, at around 12, and he gave me an encouraging “Wow,” a big thumbs up and a wave goodbye. Funny thing is that although 12 miles isn’t exactly a warm-up, it certainly isn’t the longest training run one can do, but he happened to pass me at the 3 furthest points of my run, so it must have looked longer. Probably should have told him 18.


One thought on “Is Something the Matter, Officer?

  1. I would have been all: Out for 30. Training for an Ultra. {Insert huffing and puffing here}.

    I love it. More than the officer, I love that your Long Run was on a freakin’ Tuesday. You rock.

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