Five.  Five days to go.  I am surviving The Taper.  I don’t know how, but I am.  Somehow it’s easier this time.  I’m not sure why exactly that is.  Maybe because I trust the process?  Maybe because I can now say (without flinching, and making the I’m not 100% sure face)  “I am a runner.”  Hell.  I’m a marathoner. (When did that happen?)  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I feel confident.  I can run.  I will run.  I am ready.

Mind controls the body.  What the mind wants the body does.  I want this.  Period.


One thought on “T-5.

  1. Oh Sugar, you ARE a runner. I think that you are the strongest runner I know. I totally look up to you in all things running, so you’d better be ready! Of course you are ready. You have been ready since Chicago a few years ago. I think a big difference is that you are so much more mentally ready than you were for your first few marathons, so now you can RECOGNIZE that you are ready. You know what works, what parts are hard, how to get through them. Just as your muscles keep getting better acclimated to this crazy marathon thing you took up a few years ago, so does your mind. You are going to do great. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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