Sandy. You Whore…

Seriously. A hurricane. T-2 until the Marine Corps Marathon and I’m running it in a hurricane. No joke. Well then why am I laughing? BECAUSE THIS IS RIDICULOUS. And completely hysterical.

The Perfect Storm hits on the day I’ve been training for 4+ months for?!?! Insane. And funny. (Maybe I should start playing the lottery) I’ve learned early on that you can’t stress about things you can’t change. And really, what can I possibly do about this? Tweet Mother Nature and call her a bitch for raining on my parade? Cry? Stomp? Bag it? Never.

Our sport is you sports punishment. (Saw that one on a T-shirt at the MCM Expo. Also saw a disgruntled dude with a “Running Sucks” T-shirt on, but I digress…) We runners run. Period. Lil’ rain? No big. Hurricane? Bring it. In fact, it’s almost
better that there are (WAY) sub-optimal conditions predicted for Sunday. This way there is no pressure. I’m just going to throw on my running gear, glide on up, head out the door and give it all I have. I’m ready.

Perfect conditions require “Perfect Results” —At least in my mind they do. And if its not your day? And you tear your calf in the 2nd half of the New York Marathon on a crisp, clear, photo-perfect day—youre going to be feeling seriously disappointed. You just ran 26.2 miles. You shouldn’t be disappointed. You should be elated! So no matter what Sandy brings (You awful pig.) I will be ready to run wild. And if the wind is at my back—even better.


2 thoughts on “Sandy. You Whore…

  1. Sandy – how dare she tramp around DC when you have a run to do? Glad you have the right attitude. So, you thought it was you vs. 26.2, and now it is you against 26.2 and Sandy. Bring it. All these ups and downs and downright bizarre occurrences become part of your story, and your story is just that much richer and more interesting for it.
    Remember when you were little and your mom wouldn’t let you play outside during a storm? Now’s your chance. Make sure you bodyglide your bound-to-be-soaking-wet feet and pretty much everywhere else. Make sure Timmy has dry stuff for you at the finish. Make sure you wear your million dollar smile to light up the gloom. You’re going to do great! It will be wet and messy just like the Warrior Dash, but longer. Don’t lose a shoe.
    Most of all, know I’ll be here, tracking you (and Sandy) and rooting for you the whole dang 26.2 miles.

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