Run Like the Wind

I wanted to slide this little post in before you get yor BIG POST in, Colby!! So proud of you, never doubted for a second you would do great!!!! Looks like this windy raceday worked out just fine for both of us….
I came in First for Women’s Overall in a 5K today!! The “Ghost & Goblin Run” in Westport. Wore my warrior dash t-shirt and got many compliments. Was hoping to place in age division, but was floored to win overall! Time was 23 minutes and change – still waiting for official times to be posted. Granted, it was a small-time race, but I got a trophy (of a witch, how appropriate) and a $50 gift card to the Nike Running store. Can’t wait to spend it once Sandy has blown through here!
And now, a word from our Marathoner……


One thought on “Run Like the Wind

  1. Rule number one: There are no small time races. YOU WERE THE FIRST WOMAN TO FINISH! You were the fastest chick there! Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! I am so proud of you!!! YOU WON! The trophy and Gift Card? Freakin’ awesome. Are you kidding me? I might as well have WON my marathons with the gusto and hysteria I finish with. I blow kisses and everything. And believe you me, Kara Goucher, I am not. For that one second, you are Kenyan. So. Proud. Xoxo

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