Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful….

but I ain’t complaining. Since I whined about the heat & humidity all summer, I will embrace (or suffer silently through) running in winter weather.

Ran through my first snowflakes today! Headed out early enough that I thought I would beat Athena, but a combo of early storm arrival and longer than planned run meant that my last four miles were under cover of snowflakes. It was awesome. Nothing stuck to the ground yet, and there is something so peaceful about snowfall. I’ll take it.

I’ve been wondering for a few weeks whether this winter will be tough. I’m no Farmer’s Almanac, but the squirrels have been ridiculously aggressive in eating the pumpkins sitting right outside my front door, even when I bang on the glass. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a rough one. That said, my goal is to try and run through it in all but the worst conditions. I just ordered the running yaktrax (will let you know what I think) and have plenty of warm weather clothes. I’d like to stay off the treadmill as much as possible – it pretty much sucks the love out of running for me. Going back to Colby’s Declutter post – I refuse to think “I can’t” run just because it isn’t a perfect day. My motto for the season – neither snow, nor rain, nor hail (well, maybe hail) will keep me inside….


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