Words of wisdom far off the grid…


That’s where I was with no Wifi and 0.5 bars when I should have been blogging my Maracane 2012 race recap. I get a pass right? I spent the weekend in Grafton Vermont. Grafton is one of those little quintessential Vermont towns where you envision yourself holed up in quaint house with a porch and a sprawling view, writing The Great American Novel (or some sort of Manifesto if you’re into that.) It’s beautiful. It’s tranquil. It’s deafeningly quiet. Unwind and get lost running. Or. Grab your girlfriends and your sister and get drunk hiking!

Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center offers a wine and cheese hike each weekend. If you’re out there, go. It’s fantastic. In winter you trade your hiking boots for snowshoes. Kick ass work out. The wine and cheese stays gloriously the same. You can also cross country ski and mountain bike there which is killer. Great spot.

Our guide was Bill, an 8th generation Vermonter. Bill was definitely one of the more interesting cats I’ve met in a while. Ultra marathoner (top 15 at the Vermont 100- Dude is no joke!) logger, world traveler, wrangler, 30 year off the grid live-er, insane trail runner, quirky, interesting guy. Bill also can no longer run. He needs new knees. (“It’s like sucking the marrow from my bones. People who don’t run, don’t understand. It’s my life.”) He became more interesting after our 2 hour hike, 3+ glass of wine and 1/2 pound of cheddar.

We got to talking about running again while warming up in front of the fire. I told him how the thought of running a 50k keeps giving me pause. But I wasn’t sure. He said you just ran a marathon right? Yes. And so what? You DON’T THINK YOU CAN RUN 4 MORE STINKING MILES? Come ON. Do it. Register. Don’t think. Just do. The problem is we think too much. JUST RUN IT.

Huh. Sometimes the simple words of a stranger can resonate so clearly. Stop over analyzing. Just do.

Then Vermont Yoda topped off my glass and we silently toasted….


4 thoughts on “Words of wisdom far off the grid…

  1. Dear Colby: There is no doubt in my mind that you can run a 50K and run it well. I’ll try and find one for you that serves wine and cheese at the finish.
    Your weekend in VT sounds heavenly. So bummed I couldn’t be there, and thank you for bringing a piece of the tranquility home to share with me!

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