Ain’t No Stopping Us Now…

So, M and I went on a 5K training run today. (For anyone out there who isn’t Colby, M is my oldest child – he is 11 and really wants to run a 5K with me. Planned to do one earlier this fall, but he broke his arm skateboarding this summer and wasn’t cleared for running until now.) We are signed up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, and since it is T-11, we thought, yeah, it might be time to get a little practice run in.
What fun! So, so cool to share this with him. Now I better understand those dudes who just can’t wait to toss a football with their kid. Running is such a part of my life – such a part of who I am – and being able to share this with M is just beyond words. Beautiful day, beautiful boy, beautiful run.  And our alone-time chat during our cooldown walk back home? Priceless.
Now how the heck do you teach someone how to pace properly?


2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now…

  1. Love that kid. Just love him. And I love the picture I noticed last night of him crossing the finish line at one of our races on your shelf. Great shot! I can’t wait to hear how the trot goes—and the sense of accomplishment and pride that he will have upon finishing. Come on be honest, can you see EITHER of us running a 5k with OUR mothers? (Ok maybe yours, but mine? The only running my Mom is doing on Thanksgiving is to beat some broad to a Black Friday sale.) What I wouldn’t give……

  2. Maybe MY mother? Ummm , no. My mother, and I quote, says running seems “abusive.” I think I saw her break a sweat at the semi-annual sale at the downtown Boston Filene’s Basement back in the day, but that was about it, and that joint closed years ago.
    I am psyched to be able to run races with my kids. And I’d like to give a shout out to good old Title 9 for allowing our generation of girls to grow up knowing that they could do pretty much any sport they wanted. I started running as part of soccer training, and it took off (no pun intended) from there…

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