Runners run. They don’t Zumba. (Ok maybe some of us do…)

As part of my post-marathon recovery, I indulge in classes (spin, Bikram yoga, Crossfit, and yes, Zumba) that I don’t normally have the time for while working and running insane high mileage. I find it’s a great way to cross-train during the cold New England winter months.

I also like trying new things. And? It’s fun. Oh I’m still running quite a bit, but not exclusively. I think of this time post-marathon as my Reboot. It’s my Control-Alt-Delete. A reset button of sorts. Recharge. Refresh. Reboot. I’ve got to say, I really enjoy it.

I love running. I also have a passion for cycling. (And before anyone asks, “Swim?” No. Way. I’m a cannonballer, not a swimmer. Not my gig. Hate it.) But here’s the thing- I want to continue to love running and cycling which is why I take a brief step back from them occasionally. Believe me, take a Zumba class with your Latina friend and you’ll realize you’d rather be running hill repeats (Let’s see her perfectly shake her ass to that!). I’ll take a 110 mile ride in the dead heat and humidity of August over a Crossfit WOD. (Crossfit is NO JOKE. Talk about finding out what you’re made of. Yowch.) And Bikram yoga? It ain’t easy (But boy do I love it and feel amazing when I’m done). Crossfit, Bikram, Zumba- they all wind up helping with my running, not hurting it. They’re a welcome “distraction” if you will, from marathon training. And if my arms are leaner and I feel more centered then all the better!

Control. Alt. Delete. I feel recharged already…..



5 thoughts on “Control-Alt-Delete.

  1. Dang it, I sent a reply this morning and it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. Here’s a revised version of it:
    Smart runners do Zumba. And cycle, and lift weights, and cross-fit and yoga and anything else that helps them cross-train and become stronger. Lady, you are psychic. As you know from our AM text-chat ;-), the old bod’ was feeling quite creaky today. I love running. I heart running. I crave running. But I need to do something other than running. There – I said it out loud – I need to do something other than running. The first step is admitting it, right???
    I amped up my running by increasing my weekly mileage this year but managed to keep all of my old bad habits. Minimal stretching, minimal strength training, minimal cross-training. I am very fortunate that I have not been injured so far, and at 43, I cannot push my luck. If I am going to run a marathon next year (and is it really an “if?” Didn’t you practically sign me up for the 2013 MCM last night???), I need to be smarter about my running, because I still want to be running when I’m 60. And beyond. No more of my Forrest Gump, aw shucks, I’m just gonna run routine. I was just thinking this morning that I need to start mixing things up and BAM – here’s your post. Genius. if you ever see lottery numbers in your tea leaves, you old witch, give me a jingle.
    You heard it here first, and hold me to it – I WILL stretch daily, I WILL do strength training several times a week and I WILL do cardio other than running. I will not let Trixie the wonder-bike sit idle in the garage. I might even darken the door of a yoga studio and hope that they don’t kick me out for not being able to touch my toes. Reboot, Recharge. Love it.

    • Do it Tina! Better yet, scan your daily Groupon and Living Social Deals. More often than not you can find a local yoga studio/kettle ball class/zumba/Crossfit deal for a limited amount of time (also for limited $—you know how I love a deal!). Not a huge commitment, not a huge amount of coin. Love it.

      Oh and yes. I practically did sign you up for MCM2013. I guess that means I’m going to have to register for the VT50….{insert GULP! here}. 2013 better hang on. She’s in for a ride!

  2. Never tried the cross fit thing. I have a friend who’s super into who insisted on going for a run with me. I killed him! He spent days telling people that he almost died. I do agree about doing different things to stay fresh and also just to stave off injuries. I may pass on the cross fit, though.

    • I have previously tried it and I have to say, I really liked it. I can see where people get addicted to it. I could see where I would get addicted to it. BUT. I can also see that if not performed properly you can be facing some wicked injuries. I can see my form getting thrown out the window with the Ready? Set. Go! aspect of it. I know what you mean though! I have some INSANELY fit friends who can’t run a decent mile. (I’m not necessarily Queen of the Deadlift, so I’ll cut ’em some slack!) My crossfit experience did contain a bit of running which I was THRILLED ABOUT! (Kip swings however I was not.) Thanks for stopping by Lady! And keep kicking ass!!!!

  3. Hi clskopec! I also have never done cross-fit. I do not have a strong upper body, so I fear that it would just be unpleasant and painful for me. I of course love hearing that you kicked a cross-fitter’s butt on a run. Way to go!

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