1 Mile

With apologies to Eminem, today I’m talking about 1 Mile (though I’d be happy to talk about 8 Mile just about any other time!). Mile 1. The worst mile of every single run for me. What is my problem? I know that a journey of a thousand miles must start with a single step, but does that single step need to be so unpleasant?
I have heard that it is because your body is not warmed up, but I don’t notice much of a difference whether I have warmed up at home or hopped out of bed, laced up and sprinted out the door. Doesn’t matter whether I have a rockin’ song on the headphones or static. Cold, hot, rain, sun, tired, rested, Mile 1 always is blah – at best. I really think it is just psychological with me. I would rather repeat mile 12 three times than do the first mile of any run.
Almost every time I start out, I spend the first mile thinking, “if I feel like this now, there is no way I can do [insert number] miles today.” I self-flagellate until I round the bend into mile 2 and then start to feel fine (unless I’m on the treadmill, in which case, the sinking feeling lasts until I get off). Does this happen for you? Even in a race, I’m always shocked by how long the first mile seems – the mile marker always shows up long after I expect it, while later miles seem to fly by.
I guess I just have to accept it, but the tough start DOES make it harder to keep going when the weather is poor or I’m not feeling great. Would love to figure out how to get the adrenaline pumping during Mile 1 to make it more fun. Any tips you have, throw ‘em my way.


2 thoughts on “1 Mile

  1. Ok Silas (the self-flagellating Albino monk a la Da Vinci Code in case you were wondering). Get out of your head. What’s with the Mile 1 Stress you’ve got going on? The angst. The worry. The blahs. What the?!?! That doesn’t sound like Tina. Shake it off T-Bone.

    While I RARELY feel like I’m running on sunshine from the go, I don’t usually dread Mile 1. I honestly don’t think about it. I just go. I usually look around and take it all in- the sky, the trees, stray free range chickens, crazy neighbors….whatevs. That first mile for me is like big giant deep breathe out. A huge exhale. I will admit that during long training runs it does take me 3 or so miles to get onto a rhythm. It’s like my legs and lungs say “Oh Hey! We’re running. Again. We remember! Give us a sec though….” And then it’s Game. On. Maybe it is time to mix things up and cross train a bit- like we blogged about the other day? Or. Just don’t think about it Silas. That fist mile is going to be over in 8 minutes (Ok. 7.5) and then it’s smooth sailing. You laced up your kicks and started. That was the hardest part. Look past the first mile. Focus on the finish. And have fun in the middle. I love the middle….

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