I heart Kristin Armstrong


Kristin Armstrong (Yes, THAT Armstrong. Lance is her WASband) is an incredible woman/mother/athlete/blogger. If you haven’t read anything by her Tina (and our Followers!  Hi Everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!) , take a look.  She’s amazing. I have read her book- Mile Markers which I tend to re-read as needed.  Today I stumbled across this.  So very true for me as I evolve as a runner- and as a woman.   Such an exciting journey we’re all on!

To Monday!  {Clink!}


2 thoughts on “I heart Kristin Armstrong

  1. And Tina….check out the link and scroll to her blog post ‘regular joy’. I immediately thought of your upcoming Trot with M…..xoxo

  2. And a happy manic Monday to you, too! I just – literally JUST- saw this posted somewhere last week (Chicabands, maybe?) and loved it. Surprised I didn’t mention it Saturday night (so many topics, so little time). Will definitely get Mile Markers and also check her blog out more regularly. Off to check out “Regular Joy” now.

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