40 on the ‘Mill…

Like a hamster on a wheel. (Only if the hamster was in teeny tiny Lululemon tights and a pony tail that is.)  This daylight savings time is really putting a cramp in my running schedule. Work is too but that’s a topic for another time. It was pitch black yesterday at 4:16pm.  I’m talking high beam dark (Note: I may be exaggerating slightly but I’m really not that far off).  I did have an opportunity to run in the early morning hours but a mild grade hangover prohibited me from doing so.  My punishment for the slight overindulgence the night before?  40 minutes on the treadmill.  Sweet Jesus…

I despise the treadmill.  And I know I’m not alone (Hi Tina!).  Instead of just clomping along, puss on my face the entire time despite a killer play list, I decided I would run intervals. That should make the time go by.  And guess what?  It did.  Not only did I endure 40 minutes on the Dreadmill, I actually enjoyed it.  I had forgotten I was fast.  I always try to run intervals but I have to admit, I don’t do them nearly enough as I should.  HIlls I’ve got covered.  But intervals? Not so much.  I started with a nice easy run for 5 minutes then I ramped that bitch up.  2 minutes fast, 30 second recovery.  And on and on it went for 30 minutes, each time increasing my speed by 0.5 mph.  I was in a happy heap at 35 minutes.  I WAS SMILING.  (On the ‘mill? Whhhhaat?!?! Who was that girl?!).  I cooled down with a 5 minute easy run- satisfied.

I’m not certain that I would call the ‘Mill my friend?  I did realize she certainly isn’t my enemy. Especailly if she makes me a little bit zippier.  Give intervals a whirl.  (I know, Duh Colby.  Welcome to the Party!  You’re late.)  And if anyone has any other Fantastic Interval Workouts for The ‘Mill- post ’em!  Such a happy hamster am I!


6 thoughts on “40 on the ‘Mill…

    • Awww {insert blush here}. I very well may be the female version of you- if you run hard, drink often and laugh an awful lot. Thank you for checking us out! We’re new at this whole blog thing. I think we may be getting the hang of it. Come by often. Oh. And I really am waiting for your NYC2012 Marathon recap. Now get bloggin’!

  1. First, I commend you on having a way more fun life than me. Can’t remember the last time I had a hangover on a Tuesday. Probably the last time we hung out on a Monday night, I suspect. 😉

    Hmmm….intervals. When I say I don’t do nearly enough intervals, I really mean I do no intervals. Than again, until my reboot on Sunday (see Control-Alt-Delete – reply), I barely stretched either, so maybe the lack of speedwork was the least of my problems. I do tons of hillwork, like you – no choice, based on the topography around here. But speedwork? Only at races or after a misbehaving child. I’m going to try this the next time I am forced onto the ‘mill. And for some reason your hamster reference put Smashing Pumpkins’ “Rat in a Cage” into my head and it now won’t leave, so I’m taking it as a sign and putting it on my playlist asap. Right after I read through the entire blog of your long lost male twin!

  2. I saw “40 on the Mill” and thought you’d done 40 miles on the treadmill and I was scared and was going to back away from this blog and act like I’d never seen it.

    But yeah, Ye Olde Dreadmille sucks. Though it does come in handy for speed work. 400s and 800s for example. Not quite the same as road running, but you can sort of force yourself into a certain pace.

    • You silly rabbit. I’d rather be water boarded than run 40 miles on a treadmill. There is a time and place for that hideous thing and speed work is it. Agreed! Thanks for stopping by…and not backing away muttering “Nothing to see here people….nothing to see.” Cheers!

    • Rest assured, if she did 40 miles on the ‘mill, I would schedule an intervention. Good point about the speedwork – I’m definitely going to use the treadmill for intervals & speedwork the next time I have to set foot on it. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this winter and my sessions on the treadmill will be few and far between.

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