Shifting Gears

True to the words I typed out on Sunday evening, I switched up my workouts this week to include way more stretching, some weight training and I also took a spin class on Wednesday instead of taking a run.

I’m new to cycling – as you know, Trixie the wonder-bike is a mere month or so old, and I have only been out on her a few times. So, I can’t really compare cycling vs. spinning, but for now, I really like spinning. I’m interested to see how spinning compares to road cycling once I get more comfortable on my bike.

I find that when a spin class is good, it is very, very good, but when it is bad it is depressing. Fortunately, I have a great spin studio nearby and I have only had a few bad classes over the past year. It’s a little hard for a control freak to turn a workout over to an instructor. I’m so used to being in control of my workouts – when, where, how fast, slow, long, etc. I’m a true introvert, and don’t need the energy of a group to get me going. Then again, there’s something almost relaxing about letting someone else take charge sometimes – I can get out of my head and just do what they are telling me, rather than figure it all out myself. Just show up and produce. And at the end of the day, as the best instructors say, everybody really does have their own ride (I personally am not happy unless my legs and lungs cry for their mommies several times during the ride). Plus, it’s cool to work out in the dark and hear different music and cool remixes. My instructor on Wednesday played “Rapture Riders, “ a neat remix of Riders on the Storm (Doors) and Rapture (Blondie). Rapture has been on my running playlist forever, but I don’t think I ever suspected that Riders on the Storm could be a good workout song. Who knew? Here’s a video that plays the re-mix:

Pretty neat, huh? If I can get it in MP3 format, it will be going onto the playlist stat. Can totally see it during the middle miles of a long run – the “zone out” portion, if you will.

What say you, Colby? How do you think spinning compares with road cycling? Or is it apples and oranges?


6 thoughts on “Shifting Gears

  1. I didn’t know if I was going to like this mash up…two great songs and lord knows I LOVE Blondie…it definitely works although Jim Morrison is probably rolling over in his grave.

    • Surpised me, too! I’m kind of religious in my love for Classic Rock, and LA Woman was one of my very first albums. Big love for Blondie, too. While I think the mash up is cool, you are right – poor Jim would not be thrilled.
      I’m most happy that I get to attend spin classes where not one teenybopper pop or dance club remix is played!

      • ….either rolling over in his grave or rocking in the corner sucking his thumb. In any case, I loved it (almost as much as I love my Blondie T-shirt). I had a huge (hazy) doors moment in my youth.

        On to bikes: Nothing compares to riding your whip on the road. Nothing. I love my bike. Love her to death. (And yes Tina, I just anthropomorphized my bicycle.) Spin is a great workout- gets your body used to being in the right position and gets your legs thinking about what they need to do. Awesome for conditioning. No. Question. But awesome at simulating road riding? Nah. Not quite. Oh you just wait until I show up at your house on an early Sunday morning- all kitted out- and drag your ass all over the state. I’m giddy already.

  2. Colby – apparently, you cannot reply to a reply to a reply here (time to upgrade?), so though this appears to be a reply to myself, this is actually a reply to you above.
    Of course you anthropomorphized your bike. I would expect nothing less. Although Trixie and I are new friends, I intend to do the same. She will be able to get a profile on by the time I am through with her.
    Went for a bike ride today and ended up doing just under 18 miles. I have no idea whether that is good, bad or otherwise, but it was beautiful. Felt so free and got to explore some cool places. By the way, what distance “should” I be shooting for when I do weekly or semi-weekly bike rides? It’s weird, because I know the drill with running, but I have no idea what distance I should cover in a bike ride to have a good workout, what constitutes an easy workout, what is a challenge, etc. I don’t mean to turn it into a job – I’ll enjoy regardless, but I would like to know what the heck I am doing and not slack off. I will say that I was a little tuckered, especially my poor underused quads, when I got off the bike today.
    I anxiously await the day that you show up early and kick my butt on a ride. I am Silas, as you well know.

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