Tilt Redux


Me. Tilt! Tilt! Tilt!

That was me a mere 5 hours ago. Busted. Blown out. Broken down. What a shit day. I haven’t had a “Tilt!” day in quite a while. I should have known. It started with me oversleeping and missing my morning run {insert Mild Grade Hangover of The Week Número 2 here}. Then I almost dump yesterday’s half filled moldy old petri dish of a coffee cup on to my new skinny jeans (That’s the SECOND time this week on the second pair of new -purple- skinny jeans. Yuck.) Then, en route to what turned into a 3.5 hour meeting, I get called into The Principal’s Office. I’ll spare you the boring details of what occurred (I didn’t get a detention, or a suspension. Back to class Colby!) but I will tell you that stress makes people behave like Daffy Duck on acid. Seriously.

Stress is like kudzu. That invasive climbing, coiling, choking vine that when left uncontrolled, covers and grows over any fixed object in its path? Yeah. That’s it. That’s stress. That’s what happened to me today. I was smothered by kudzu. And what was my knee jerk reaction? Where’s my kicks? I’m going for a run! Only I couldn’t. (TILT! TILT! TILT!)

Running is my ultimate stress reliever. Five minutes into a run and I can begin to think clearly and rationally. Breathe in, breathe out. Sift through the issues. Define the problem. Sort out a resolution. Breathe in, breathe out. Let. It. Go. It never fails to help me gain clarity. I needed that run today. I didn’t get it. (I did get 3.5 hours of a hardcore discussion on biochemistry. Riveting, I know. Don’t ask.) I spun instead. Hard. It wasn’t the same. It wasn’t what I needed. I did however make a pact with myself to wake up and run tomorrow. No matter what.

-The Pinball Wizard.


One thought on “Tilt Redux

  1. And here, only a mere few months ago, you were hesitant to say out loud that you’re a runner? You’re a runner, babe. Drank the kool-aid, joined the club. When you have a moment like that and your first thought is running, there’s no doubt. So sorry that you had such a day – will definitely check in this weekend for the whole story. You are extremely talented at what you do, and I hope you don’t let the tough day keep you down. You’re very wise to recognize that people act out in horrible ways when they are under extreme stress, and your “session” may have had very little to do with you personally. I hope you trimmed back the kudzu with a nice, hard run this morning. TGIF!

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