Busy as a Beaver


The don’t call ’em busy for nothin’! Driven, focused, havoc reeking little critters. I spied this poor tree at Race 3. My guess is that it is no longer standing.

Two days. Three races. I ran in one. Cheered at two. Truthfully, it was easier running in mine than cheering at two of My Boyfriend’s cyclocross races.  Or heaven forbid racing in his.  Cyclocross is essentially steeplechase on a road bike (almost) with thicker tires. Run ups, fly overs, steep hills, sand, barriers, switch backs, stairs, beer hand-ups, heart rate pegged — It is brutal.  (And I love it.)  At the end of Day 2 I emerged from the woods freezing, covered in ticks and sounding like Marge’s sister Selma from the Simpson’s. Cyclocross is a blast to watch. (Such a sporty couple!) This was my first race post-marathon and I am happy to report it was a surprising success.

I ran a 5k on Saturday. (And it was FUN!) A 5k in no way resembles a marathon to me except for the hot pink kicks (which are soon to retire), ponytail and cute Lululemon apparel. You mean I JUST RUN? No serious considerations to pacing? No fuel belt? No glide? No anxiety? I just run. Huh. That’s novel. Talk about a gear shift. My Boyfriend looked me dead in the eye and said- Just run Colby. Screw pacing. Go! (Insert several more expletives here.) Ok Coach! And off I went.

Slow twitch. Fast twitch. I was hoping my fast twitch muscle fibers were going to show up. I figured they might be late to the party, but at least they would make an appearance. After relying on my slow twitch muscle fibers for so long running and distance cycling, I wasn’t so sure. Shock of all shocks! They came! And more! Muscle fibers alone do not solely determine your performance. Mental toughness, hydration, REST, nutrition, conditioning all play a major role in performance too. Did you read that? REST. My legs were rested. They were FRESH. For the first time in a while they had snap. And turnover. Screw muscle fibers alone (Yeah I’m talkin’ to you actin and myosin). I was stunned. Who was this short zippy creature? (Me! Me!) I had a great race. And so did my Superhero Boyfriend…


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