T’isn’t the Season Yet, People!

A sprightly morning run was defiled today by the intrusion of a CHRISTMAS SONG on my mp3 player as I scrolled through local radio stations. Upon further investigation I detected that said radio station has already converted to an all-Christmas music format. Before Thanksgiving. Few things bother me more than hearing Christmas music on the radio before I have even heard one play of Adam Sandler’s “The Thanksgiving Song,” and I have yet to hear him croon that he loves to eat his turkey in a big brown shoe this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I am by no means a Grinch. I love most everything about the Christmas season. I decorate my house top to bottom, inside and out. I play Christmas music all season long. I love to run Christmas races and am not above donning a holiday inspired costume or accessory for the event. I wear red. And sometimes green. (I do not, however, wear holiday sweaters.) I am part of a neighborhood holiday cookie exchange, for Pete’s sake.

But, in the words of Pete Seeger and the Byrds (ok, Ecclesiastes said it first), “To everything there is a season.” And it’s NOT Christmas season yet.


6 thoughts on “T’isn’t the Season Yet, People!

  1. In England we don’t have thanks giving so for me, as soon as halloween is over it’s christmas 😀 plus we’re wrapped up in coats and scarves from August anyway so it constantly feels like christmas.

    • You are hereby permitted to play Christmas music anytime after Halloween since you do not have a MAJOR holiday between the two. 😉
      I’m not sure how it is in England, but here, the “Back to School” sales start around July 4, which is right after we get out for summer break. Halloween items arrive in stores by the end of August and Christmas items start popping up next to the Halloween items in late October. It’s all very confusing and I feel like it dilutes everything, because by the time the actual holiday arrives, you’re a little jaded! Holiday music was the one thing that traditionally was not rolled out until after Thanksgiving, but alas, no more.

      • we tend to get halloween stuff out from mid September I think. (I know Halloween seems to be bigger in the States than over here 😦 ) This year i noticed that on 31st Oct, they had taken all the halloween stuff down and Got the xmas trees out. I love xmas and all but even that was a bit too far. Only one music channel with the songs on so far though.

    • Damn right Patty! What’s the rush? Our entire lives are one big HURRY UP. Aren’t we entitled to some cheesy Christmas tunes, lights, and a Lifetime Christmas Movie starring Vanessa Williams as Scrooge and/or Judith Light? I mean really. Slow your roll Kid from Bad Santa…..

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