Oh deer.

And no. It’s not Rudolph. Or Dasher. Or Prancer. Or even Blitzen. It was Vixen. And boy could she move. I woke up early today (sans hangover I might also add. Gold star!) and decided to get my run in pre-half day work, and before a much needed, long overdue massage. I’m quite certain you could have played the opening chords to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on my hamstrings. (Yes. They were that tight.) Not anymore! I love massage. The deeper the better. I have The World’s Best Massage Therapist. She’s amazing. And a runner. She’s small, but way mighty. Broken? She’ll fix your ass up. (Or make you sweat and cry like a baby. Whatevs.)

So my run…

It was chilly this morning in a classic day-before-Thanksgiving- in-New England kinda way. Layer city. I love brisk mornings. I decided to run one of my 6 mile loops. It’s rolly. It’s pretty. It’s goes right past the Angry Dog house. (It’s a matter of time before that pup busts through his shoddy fence and eats me, leaving nothing but my pink kicks behind as evidence. Just you watch.) I felt good this morning. Hamstrings were insanely tight, but otherwise all good. I was running smiling, happy to have gotten up and out early. I crested a hill and was greeted by a cute old man walking a chihuahua clad in a Burberry puffer vest. He smiled widely and waved. I asked if I could borrow the vest? He giggled and kept walking. I was having a nice run.

I had a little over a mile to go when I saw her—Vixen. She was beautiful. Perfectly marked. Huge wide eyes. Lashes for days. She was in the process of walking across the road when she saw me. And? She stopped. Dead in her tracks. I kept running. She stopped. In the middle of the road. Was she going to move? 4 cars stop. Ohhh. Is she gonna charge me? (Then what do I do? Climb a tree? Pee my pants? Both?) She is staring right through me. I’m still running. Closer. She decides to cross the road and waits in the grass for me. 4 more cars. All stopped, wondering what is going to happen. I’m close enough to touch her now. She’s an arm length away. I keep running. And so does she. Right by my side for ten strides. I started laughing out loud. She went left, over a stone wall and into the woods. I kept running. The people in one of the cars rolled down their windows and applauded. Without missing a beat, I bowed. And ran laughing all the way home….




5 thoughts on “Oh deer.

    • Aren’t they?!?! Little vectors of Lyme Disease that they are…I’ve been thinking about that deer all weekend. Silly fool! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

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