Run, Run Rudolph!

Colby’s and my next adventure is the Christopher Martin’s Christmas Run for Children on December 9. It’s my first time running this race, but Colby has been running it for years. Supposed to be a lot of fun – costumes, silliness and a fabulous post-race party. Although the spirit of the event is fun, fun, fun, the purpose of the event is more serious and important – providing holiday toys to children in need. Here’s a statement of the race’s mission:

Our Mission: We hope to make Christmas a little brighter for needy children in the New Haven area by giving them not only a toy, but the message of love from friends and neighbors they have never met. Over the years, our race has given over 50,000 toys to children.

Especially as we continue to recover in this area from the ravages of Superstorm Sandy, lower income families can use any help they can get to make the holidays special. Kids don’t understand that paying to replace necessities means that there are less (or no) resources for the gifts that make holiday magical for them, and I don’t want any child to miss out on that magical feeling if I can help it! Colby and I feel so blessed that we can help others in some small way simply by doing something we LOVE to do!! I can only imagine the holiday spirit that will abound at this race. Get chills just thinking about the warmth and positivity that will surround us.

If you are in the area and would like to run, I think that spots are still available – here is a link to the organizer’s website:

If you’re not in the area, check and see if your area has a similar race – it will be a great way to celebrate the holiday season!


5 thoughts on “Run, Run Rudolph!

  1. Best race of the year! Over the years we have run in warm weather, snow and most recently rain and none of it matters because, as my friend Liz says,! “It’s for the children!” Don’t miss it!

  2. NOTE FROM COLBY: I suppose I should add a disclaimer. I have actually only run this race twice. I have registered for it 4 times. This makes 5. I have been Critically Hungover 2 out of those 4 times and thus have remained in bed, sipping Gatorade and popping advil whilst everyone else was running. (Damn you Christmas Parites. Damn you.) However, I love needy children. (Wait. That didn’t come out right. You know what I mean…) TOYS FOR EVERYONE! LET’S RUN!

  3. I would also like to add that I am not a quitter. This is the ONLY race I’ve ever registered for that I have BAILED on. I just like a nice cocktail. 🙂

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