Maybe Not Such a Tough Mudder After All

Read an interesting article about the “Tough Mudder” obstacle course race in the New York Times yesterday:

I once thought that I might try and “graduate” from the Warrior Dash, which I thought was an absolute BLAST, to the Tough Mudder, which looks extremely challenging. Now I’m not so sure. I love to push myself and was pleasantly suprised to learn during the Warrior Dash that I kind of like rope-swinging, mud-crawling and fire-jumping, but the threat of being electrified just doesn’t sit well with me. The word “swam” was also mentioned in the article as part of the course, which is high on my list of no-no’s. I may have to cross this one off my to-do list. Bummer. I still might check around, though, just to see if there is a version with no electrocution or swimming.

Or investment bankers. 😉

3 thoughts on “Maybe Not Such a Tough Mudder After All

  1. COME ON. If I can wrangle up a bunch of fellow nut jobs, I. AM. IN. (I promise you I won’t invite any investment bankers on our team.)

    • you have to SWIM, Colby. They lost me at swim. I actually would prefer the potential for electrocution to the swimming. In cold, dirty water. Please reread “Death in Venice.” I don’t want to have to get African Safari-type shots for a 4-hour race.

      • And let’s face it, as a corporate lawyer, I have no business snarking on investment bankers. But I can only IMAGINE the elbowing at the start given the fact that several of the big banks put together teams….

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