Mr. Magoo Drives a Prius


I’m not sure what it is with me and The Prius. She hates me. And that’s fine because I’m starting to despise her eco-conscious ass as well. She’s tried to kill me. Twice. Two of my closest encounters with death- one on my bike and the other while running have made me want to take a flanged mace to that long pompous snout of hers. What WAS that? A game of carbon footprint chicken? Was she bent because I had the smaller carbon footprint? Probably. Bikes and legs trump any Hybrid. Every time.

Buying a Prius doesn’t give you some sort of moral license to act like a tool because you believe you’re saving the world. It might give you premier parking at Whole Foods, but not carte blanche to act like an entitled green brat. I would think it would be exactly the opposite. I’d think a Prius driver would be more aware of runners and cyclists. You can’t get much greener than that. Aren’t we on the same Green Team?

I realize I am generalizing here. And believe me I’ve had a few brushes with death with Buick’s, Beemer’s and that rig those hamsters drive. However, the Prius brushes with death have been the scariest. Because they are silent. What is THAT about? Reducing noise pollution? That’s just plain straight up sneaky. One nearly took me out while running two days ago (hence the Anti-Prius rant). I jumped into a shrub. (Ouch.) I think my heart rate has finally returned to normal. It’s not just about The Prius though (as much as I would like to blame all of the world’s ills on that damn self-righteous vehicle.)

At any given time in my neck of the woods there are dozens of us running, cycling or walking on roads. It certainly isn’t an anomaly to see a pack of people in a paceline or running in a group around here. Ever. Lately I’ve noticed more and more distracted drivers. Distracted drivers are dangerous. It’s becoming an epidemic. And its scary. Just stop people. Stop texting. Stop checking your portfolio. Stop applying false eyelashes while driving. And don’t get all Mr. Magoo on me, shake your fist, honk your horn, and shout “Road Hog!” as you zip past me running. Mr. Magoo was visually impaired. You’re driving while updating your Facebook status. There’s a difference. Become. Aware. We’re out there running and riding whether you like it or not.

Share the damn road people. Especially if you do drive a Prius.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Magoo Drives a Prius

  1. I have a neighbor who drives a prius and has almost hit me (and I mean really almost hit me) twice. I wish the electric mode could at least generate a little hum or something. Or that people would pay attention when they drive.

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