Apparently, I was very good this year.

Because UPS delivered a Kinetic Road Machine bike trainer on my doorstep yesterday. The main thing on my Christmas list and I’m very excited. I think my husband was a little bummed that it won’t be a surprise, but given that I work from home and am official Accepter of All Deliveries, its kinda hard to keep anything from me during the month of December.

Colby, I’m sure he asked for input from you and Tim, so thank you! I can’t wait to open it on Christmas Day and am so happy to know that I can ride Trixie into 2013 in style, rain, snow or shine. Any tips for using it? I think it comes with a DVD, but you and the other cyclists who visit our blog are way better resources than a DVD.


9 thoughts on “Apparently, I was very good this year.

  1. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU OPENED THE BOX!!!! He should have sent it to us!! Oh T….You’re fresh.

    I am currently spinning on mine in my living room, sweating all over my iPad as I write this. You will love it!! Very easy to use, great training aid for ugly cold dark wrt mornings (just look outside.). HOORAY!!! I can’t wait to ride with you!!! For real!! Or on side by side trainers this winter with a RHOBH marathon….

    • No, I didn’t open the box! I was “good” this year, remember? I would never open the box – that is not playing fair! They didn’t pack the bike trainer box in an outer box, so what was delivered was the actual Kinetic box with a mailing label on it. I couldn’t miss it!

  2. Thanks, everyone. FOR THE RECORD: I didn’t open it!! I swear! Kinetic didn’t put the actual trainer box in a plain outer packing box, so when I carried it in, I couldn’t help but see the large print “Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Trainer,” complete with picture, plastered all over the front!!!

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