Twenty Six. Screw the 0.2.


December 26th, 2012

It’s been a long ass week or two. (Bad Blogger! Bad Colby! Insert visual of me whacking myself on the nose with a rolled up Us Weekly.) It’s been long for many reasons. And on just about every level. It’s finally starting to feel like things are back to normal up in here. (Translation: I’m frantic, running, exhausted, and blogging!) I also managed to Run at Lunch several times while at work which is completely transformative.

The Run at Lunch often eludes me. Which pisses me off. Totally and completely. No matter how crummy of a day or how poor a result (Disclosure: I’m a scientist- and not in the jaw-clenched-bespectacled-tight-assed- high-brow way. More like in the ‘Pipetting in Heels’ kind of way. Rare? Yes. But here I am nonetheless- A Science Dork in Great Shoes), a Run at Lunch saves the day for me. Honestly, after the horrific tragedy in Sandy Hook, followed by the usual year end work stress and then Christmas….I’ve been kind of quiet. Sad. Contemplative I guess. When I get quiet (now THAT’S rare), I run. A whole bunch. And boy did those runs help me clear my head and dry my eyes. Perfect timing. Clarity. Release. Ahhh.

It also dawned on me during one of these Head-Clearing-Perspective-Gaining runs, that my Post-MCM-Marathon-Recovery-Cross-Training-Fest was long gone (Na-Nights Zumba.)

I am officially training for my next marathon.

When the hell did that happen?

Big Sur Marathon here I come!

So. Stoked. Thankfully, Santa left me some new kick ass Newton’s (Hello Better fo’ sho’) and a Garmin. Did you hear that? Me. Garmin. A Garmin Forerunner 410. I don’t even know what that means. Considering I rarely even run with a watch, this is going to be verrry interesting. I feel extremely official with that gadget. Snazzy even. Santa Rocks. (He’s hot too. And rides a bike. Score 1 for Colby.)

I did come across this little tidbit on the Big Sur Marathon soon after registering for that puppy. (See #13. Yipes.) What does know about marathons? (I mean really. Bitch. Please.) Tough or not, I am so looking forward to it. I think that’s just what I need. A Goal. Focus. Control in Chaos. Calm.

26 tough Big Sur miles.

Twenty Six.

26 lives lost in Sandy Hook.

That number has taken on such a completely different meaning to me these past few weeks. It really has. It upsets me to no end. And although the healing has begun, and the dust is sadly settling, it breaks my heart. To pieces.


9 thoughts on “Twenty Six. Screw the 0.2.

  1. A Garmin? You must have been VERY good this year! Congrats! Will you still stand next to me and my youth Timex with the broken strap at starting lines? Sorry you have been so sad. I have, too. Just not myself. Having a hard time shaking it.
    Regarding Big Sur – I’ve seen you run hills, and I’m not concerned. In the least. Really looking forward to following your training.
    Nerdy Tax Lawyer in Great, Though Not Quite as Edgy, Shoes

    • Dear Nerdy Tax Lawyer in Not Quite as Edgy Shoes but Killer Hair,
      I know right T? A Garmin. I’ll let you know how that bitch works. I’m using her as soon as I put down this coffee cup and lace up my

  2. Ughhhhh that is insane…I just thought about 300 feet in one mile while running 26(.2) and wanted to vomit. The only thing that saved me was the rest of the list on the weather channel site, it went from hellish to just absurd. People are nuts but we already knew this. Sadly, although it sounds miserable I am sure it will be stunning!

    • Believe me. I may have thrown up a little too–just after I hit “send” on the registration. What doesn’t mention is that it’s supposed to be [excruciatingly] beautiful. Although I must admit that after checking out the other batshit crazy marathons that made the list, Big Sur looked like a fun run. I love an adventure. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I LOVE IT! I actually think mine will pause itself (as I collapse from running hills training for Big Sur.) I have to figure this puppy out before hill repeats! But I’m ready for them! Great t-shirt. ๐Ÿ™‚ Santa was very generous—that wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Very lucky.

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