Hello Better! How you doin’?

Purple Beauties. My Newton Running Kicks.

Purple Beauties. My Newton Running Kicks.

I test ran my new kicks today– the Newton Terra Momentum Women’s All Terrain Trainer. In freezing cold rain and slush. I simply couldn’t wait.

In short: I believe this is the beginning of beautiful friendship.

Santa left me a killer looking pair of Newton’s for Christmas. Purple, teal, silver, yellow with a pop of red. These bitches say “Hey. We runnin’ or whaat? Let’s do this.” (Not sure why in my head I can hear Robert DeNiro saying that, but there you go.) Jazzy kicks. Bold. Love ’em. I danced around the house in them, chomping at the bit. But would I like the ride?

In short: Umm. Yes.? (If I followed the directions and only ran in them for 10 minutes. Instead of 40. BUT I WAS EXCITED!)

The whole concept of the Newton? Responsive cushioning + a more level to the ground platform with increased ground feel = Natural Running Nirvana. I read Born to Run. I see those god- awful Vibram-Fred -Flintstone-Meets-a-Hobbit shoes on Barefoot Runners at almost every race. I get the minimalist trend. There is a guy I have been running races in Connecticut with since the early 90s who’s feet haven’t seen a sneaker EVER. He’s unreal. (Who am I kidding? This kind of ‘Natural Running’ is the closest I’ll get to running barefoot. Let’s be honest. I don’t want to wreck my pedicure. I need a farrier as it is for Christ’s sake.) I almost always follow the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy to running sneakers. Until now. I haven’t been thrilled with my former kicks. So I thought I’d ask Santa for these beauties. I’m a mid-foot striker as it is so I thought It would be a snap to transition. I think I may need to redefine “snap” just a little.

I ran in them for 40 minutes instead of the recommended 10. Stupid. Why? Because THEY FELT SO DAMN GOOD. (And I’m a maniac.) They are springy. Dare I say fast? They allow you to feel the ground despite cushioning. You kind of feel like you’ve got two teeny tiny trampolines attached to your feet. My strides felt longer. I was aware of the ground. I started out concentrating so much on my gait that I started to run like a new born colt.

So I said “Screw it”.

And just ran.

And then it clicked. I felt efficient. I ran smiling.

So what’s my hesitation in professing my undying love for Newton? My right paw is sore. On top of my foot. And I’ll betcha my calves will be giving me the finger come morning. I’m aware of the tendons in my right ankle- which contains a pin and lacks eversion and inversion. (She’s also got a badass scar on her. She’s tough. As nails.) Had I stopped at 10 minutes, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here with a bag of frozen peas on my foot but alas, I had Newton Fever. I’ll rotate these Purple Beauties into my running regime. No doubt.

Gradually Colby. You’ll Run Better. Gradually…



9 thoughts on “Hello Better! How you doin’?

  1. How do you know you are a mid-striker? I don’t know what I am. Not sure I could ever transition to something that newfangled (would clash with my neon Avia running jacket and ’91 Nishiki sport hybrid), but I’m intrigued….and please don’t hurt yourself before the Frosty 5K. I don’t even think I will run before then because of a sore ankle. She’s dropping huge hints that she is not happy with me. Sticking to my beloved trainer and some spin classes while in Beantown.

    • I land in the middle of my foot when I run—and my sneakers are worn that way. My right calf is sore (as predicted) but my foot itself feels good. I’m heading out in my old kicks but will give the Newton’s another whirl with the pups later. And yes, they totally do NOT go with the Nishiki (who by the way is old enough to vote, drink and go to war.)

      As for your ankle—-what happened???? RICE, RICE baby. Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Baby her a bit. Poor thing.

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  3. I tried a pair on of these here in Cleveland recently and loved the fit but was worried about running in them in the snow/sleet of our winters. Have you hit the snow with them yet? How do they hold up?

    • I’ll let you know tomorrow! It’s currently snowing like hell outside! Psyched to give them a whirl. Cleveland is a bear for winters too. I’ll drop you a line. Until then it’s cocktails by the fire. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Jess!

      • UPDATE! Ran today in my Newton’s in fresh snow…not the best in terms of traction. Not bad on frozen granular but seriously, it was slippery out. I purchased yak tracks (after almost biting it twice.) That should do it! 🙂

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