Bundlin’ Up

lululemonI along with Tina share a love of running in the cold. It’s gotta be the icy New England blood we’ve got coursing through our veins. (Who am I fooling? Olive oil runs through my veins. And maybe a little ricotta, garlic and red wine.) In addition to my new Newton’s, Santa brought me what I will go on record saying is the Best Running Jacket of All Time. The Lululemon Bundle Up Jacket. And it’s insanely stylish. I don’t know if I should run 10 miles in it or head to Pastis for brunch? Seriously. It’s not just cute. It FUNCTIONS. It doesn’t choke you when you zip it up. That’s the USP (Unique Selling Point). It breathes too. I own quite a few running and cycling jackets, all of which strangle me. The Stranglers weren’t exactly inexpensive either. And that is NOT what you need when you’re anaerobic or on mile 18 of a training run. It certainly doesn’t make me run or ride any faster. It puts me in a camel clutch. As much as it pains me (and Santa I’m sure) to spend a huge chunk of change on stuff you’re going to sweat in, I must admit, Lululemon does it right.

Their tag line should be: “Lululemon. We don’t bite.” There is nothing worse than finishing a long run, limping into an ice bath (Worse than the run itself. Hands. Down.) and screaming when the water hits you-not because you’re hypothermic- but because your sports bra tried unsuccessfully to saw your breasts off. Agony. You know it’s bad when you head for your annual mammogram and this transpires:

Ok Colby. Now face me…..Oh. I’m sorry honey. How long has it been since your surgery?

-My what?

Your surgery. Those two huge scars beneath your breasts. I can see them. They’re healing nicely.

-I didn’t have surgery.

You didn’t?

-No. I ran the Chicago Marathon three days ago.


True. Story. And then I met Lululemon. And my life changed. Don’t get me wrong. Even decent, well-fitting running apparel will bite you from time to time- that is with a healthy smear of Glide. Shorts. Tights. Sports bras. Tanks. You name it. Sometimes there’s no avoiding it- especially in the heat. Oh. And don’t think you’re off “chafe free” in the cold either Pal. Pile on too many layers of crappy wicking fabric, sweat like a pig and you’ll be crying come shower time too. Trust me. But Lululemon stuff? Hardly ever. Excellent wicking ability. The hidden pockets. The incredible fabric. The beautiful fit. The flattering look.


It’s good stuff…without teeth. 🙂


20 thoughts on “Bundlin’ Up

  1. Are you trying to get me to buy Lululemon? if so, you are doing a good job. If they carry a sports bra that doesn’t leave tattoos, I’m in, no matter what the price. Can’t wait to see you in your Christmas jacket tomorrow!

  2. Oh dear God…. talking myself off of the Lululemon website right now. Cozy down pullover? Snazzy jacket? Sports bra that won’t make me look like Magda from “Something about Mary” when I’m running… I’m about 5 seconds from hitting the Paypal button and spending some serious change 🙂 P.S….. loving the blog 🙂 – Carly

  3. I’m telling you Carly. You’re in serious trouble. If Magda had Lululemon she’d be tucked swiftly into a snazzy running bra in crane pose looking as if she had a lift. 🙂 And thank you! I love that you’re here!!! 🙂

  4. As much as I am not happy you have this bra sawing off problem, I am glad I am not the only one suffering from this. Just got two from under armour that are working out great but I may need to try a lulu one!

    • Alas. You are not alone. Under Armour sports bras that behave?!?!? Pray tell which ones?!?! We broads need to stick together- both in suffering and in triumph!!! So glad you stopped by!

      • I got two of the ones called Gotta Have It Bra. I got it at our outlet but I’m sure if you google it there would be results! They weren’t even super expensive (2 for 30). I went back to get more like 2 days later and they were all gone 😦

      • How can you go wrong with a GOTTA HAVE IT BRA?!?!?! I actually live very near to an Under Armour outlet. I will definitely be checking that joint out!!! Thanks for the info!!!!

  5. Sometimes I read blogs from women and I can’t really identify with what is going on…this is not one of those times. My males friends make fun of me for having a Lululemon addiction but they make the best gear for guys as well. A shirt that fits and wicks, shorts that don’t stink and look good, sold. PS- my girlfriend has that jacket in black and I must say, it is pretty bad ass!

    • I would NEVER make fun of a dude who loved Lululemon especially one with a badass girlfriend! My boyfriend hasn’t completely discovered Lululemon. Although he does have an addiction to Rapha cycling apparel which is essentially same, but British. We both have problems. Serious ones. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much Dani! And ALSO FOR THE SUNSHINE AWARD!!! We didn’t catch wind of it until recently. (I barely know what I’m doing here let’s be honest. I need a Blogging 101 Class!) It means so much to me to have the support of bloggers I find inspiring (Yeah You!). As for Lulu, I am addicted (and my ass has never looked better in their pants! 😉 ) Thanks again for forwarding- us Lulu Addicts need to stick together!!

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