Frosty’s Happy New Year!

Sadly, Frosty was not present at the race that bore his name.

Sadly, Frosty was not present at the race that bore his name.

Colby and I (and her speedy boyfriend, T, and our dear friend, M, and my oldest, M) kicked off the new year by running the Frosty 5K in her town. Given that it was held the day after New Year’s Eve, the organizers were kind and started it on the late side – 11 AM, which made for a nice, leisurely morning. (I heard that some of the runners were hungover – perhaps even some of the people in our group 😉 – but since I spent NYE with people who are barely pushing double digits, my head was clear.)

The day was clear, too, and not too frosty for Jan 1 in Connecticut.  It was actually a beautiful day for a run.  And run, we did, especially T, who ran like the wind and came in 9th overall. Color me impressed!

We had a nice cheering squad (my husband, daughter and other son) and the crowd was great. Lots of people, kids, dogs, strollers – wonderfully chaotic. Good course, good weather, good people, all-around good time.

I heard they were serving some great refreshments after the race, but I didn’t partake because I was fortunate enough to be invited back to Colby’s house for mimosas, bagels and coffee (whatever they were serving at the finish line couldn’t hold a candle to the offerings at Casa Colby).  Served in a bright, cozy room heated with a woodstove.  Doesn’t get any better. Seriously.  Kids played with her pups, adults cooled down and warmed up with great conversation and I left with several borrowed books I can’t wait to read. It was such a relaxing day that I didn’t even look at my watch until almost 3 PM, and it was tough to leave the cocoon, I tell you!

My mom has always used the saying, “Start as you mean to continue.”  Usually as an admonishment. Don’t accept behavior from a new boyfriend or spouse in the beginning if you wouldn’t be ok with it always.  Don’t start feeding your toddler in front of the TV if that is something that will bother you in the long run. If you want to have a successful schoolyear, start off organized and focused. It is a very useful saying – don’t start off on the wrong foot and expect that you can change things easily.  Much easier to get things right from the start.

Well, yesterday was a great start – a little exercise, a lot of laughs and endless amounts of warmth, connection and love.  If I can continue 2013 how it started, it may be my best year yet.


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