Making Trax

Strap some YakTrax on your running shoes and snow is no longer the enemy!

Strap some YakTrax on your running shoes and snow is no longer the enemy!

Headed out yesterday morning for a nice, chilly run (around 18 degrees out, but sunny and calm). Because there was still a lot of snow – and ice- on the ground from last weekend’s snowstorm, I got to try out my YakTrax Runs. (I also got to wear my new, beloved, Bundle Up jacket, but I’ll leave it to Colby to shill the Lululemon stuff. I only own one half-price jacket, for goodness sakes. Hardly an expert.).

YakTrax Runs get two thumbs up from me. Easy to put on, stayed put the whole run, easy to take off. The road conditions on my route were varied –some long stretches of bare pavement, many long stretches of packed snow and some stretches with a thin layer of snow over ice. The YaxTrax Runs worked great on them all. Nary a slip nor a slide. I imagine that they might not work perfectly on bare ice – they do not, after all, possess magical powers, but for snowy and partially icy conditions?  Awesome. I ran over unplowed, unshoveled roads and sidewalks at a good clip without any issues. They are incredibly light and I noticed no extra heaviness on my feet. It was such a blast to be able to fly through the snow!

No problems running on bare pavement, either – just a little springier than usual. I don’t think it is good for the coils or spikes to be used much on bare pavement, though, so I took them off for the last mile home, which I knew would be cleared pavement the whole way. It took a grand total of around 7 seconds to pull them off of my sneakers, and they are light enough that it was no problem carrying them in my hand for the homestretch.

Now I can’t wait for it to snow again so I can head out for a winter wonderland run! So much fun and I throughly enjoyed the crazy looks people gave me in the school drop off line as they craned their necks to see if I would wipe out (I didn’t. HA! I suspect some people were disappointed.). If you live where it snows and love to run, I highly recommend the YakTrax Runs as a great way to avoid the treadmill.

NB: In case it isn’t obvious by the low-brow nature of this blog (c’mon, I know that our regular use of free clip art images and stock fonts didn’t fool you!), Colby and I are not “sponsored” to review or promote anything. If we did, we’d probably have to clean up our language, which would be no fun. So, if we mention we like something, it just means that we like something and want to share. And I really like these.


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