Hi. 1990 called. It wants it’s Rollerblades back.


Rollerblading. If she were in shorts and a leotard, it might as well have been my gal. Photograph is courtesy of http://www.highaperture.com

Spotted while running in 80 degree weather: Woman in a headband and leotard Rollerblading down A1A in South Florida.

What she a mirage? Did I take a left turn at Xanadu? Who was I going to bump into next? Richard Simmons? I honestly did a double take (maybe it was the leotard). I got to thinking: What ever happened to Rollerblading? Inline skating was HUGE for a period of time. We even refer to inline skating as ‘Rollerblading’ based on the blockbuster inline skate. (It took on the whole Kleenex-Tissue, Coke-Cola thing.) I used to do it for years in the 90s. I have seen guys playing hockey in them fairly recently, but as for the recerational Rollerblader? I must say. I haven’t seen one in a long ass time. Bravo for Olivia (Newton-John) cruising along A1A. It’s not a bad workout at all. You can burn quite a few calories doing it- especially if you’re going at a good clip. Props to her for getting up, shimmying into her leotard on a hot day and heading on out the door.

Rollerblading came along around the same time as the Reebok Slide did. Remember taking Slide classes? Slip on those weird booties over you sneaks and glide back and forth on the gray rolled up Slide (essentially a piece of slippery as ice linoleum) and within minutes you were Bonnie Blair “skating” along. Viola! A lateral low-impact, high intensity aeoribic workout. It never really took off. Truth be told, unless you were Eric Heiden, it was a fairly unnatural movement. But I think that was the point. I certainly got stronger because of it. Other than doing a “grape vine” or using a band, how many lateral strengthening workouts are there? Not many. And lateral AEROBIC ones? I can think of three. Speed skating. Rollerblading. Skate skiing. What else you got? I’m kind of stumped. I used to take Slide classes regularly. I even took Slide, Hoop and Jump! classes. Reebok slide. Hula hoop. Jump Rope. No kidding. It was a sweat fest (even without wearing a leotard I might add). I honestly thought that Apollo Anton Ono would have brought back the Slide. Instead he did the paso doble. Go figure.

I’m waiting for someone to start a Retro-Aerobics Studio. (Hey wait a minute. Maybe I have something here…) That would be a blast. Through it all running has endured. Hang on a minute. Wasn’t “Running”, “Jogging” in the 90s? Ahhh the 90s. Fitness fads at their best.


9 thoughts on “Hi. 1990 called. It wants it’s Rollerblades back.

  1. OK, I am going to have a million replies to this post. Once I stop laughing. First, I STILL ROLLERBLADE!! With my kids! You can’t be all that surprised. I might have even rollerbladed in the last year wearing my 1989 neon Avia jacket! WHEN ARE YOU SCHEDULING THE INTERVENTION?????
    It is a great workout and works the inner and outer thighs (can’t think of the fancy names for them right now) like nobody’s business.

    • Intervention has been scheduled. First order of business: We shadow box The Avia. Forever frozen in 1989……. 🙂

      And ps….Let me know the next time you 4 go bladin’….I am so there.

  2. I never did the Slide. or Jazzercise. And I was late to the party with step aerobics and never got into it. I did take a lot of regular, high impact aerobics classes in the 90’s, though, and it is a Christmas miracle that I never suffered a stress fracture or shin splints.
    Leotards! Oy. Don’t miss ’em.

    • There was a brief period of time recently that I actually considered trying out for a local Roller Derby team. I LOVE ROLLER SKATING! Both inline and ‘traditional’ I guess. It just seemed like Rollerblades (which I also loved doing) fell along by the wayside. After I wrote this, I found mine! (Worn wheels and all!) I’m sorry. Leotards and headbands need the boot! 🙂

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