Riding in Style?

I was just doing a little online shopping for cycling gear (!) when I came across this – the Pearl Izumi Superstar skirt . Now, I shop for running clothes often enough that I have seen plenty of running skirts, but I had never before encountered a skirt for cycling.

I’m a little confused. Is there a reason to wear a cycling skirt other than fashion?  The only thing I have seen mentioned with the cycling skirts is “modesty,” which is weird, since I think that the dudes need a cover-up more than the ladies do when it comes to cycling shorts.  Just sayin’. So maybe someone who has cycled for a while can tell me if there is a reason to get a cycling skirt instead of a cycling short?  It seems like the skirt would be annoying.

I have never run in a running skirt, though I can’t imagine how it could not be annoying to have the skirt layered over the compression shorts underneath.  If it is warm enough out for shorts, I want less layers, not more.  I also would think the skirt layer would feel weird if you take long strides.  Maybe someone who has worn one will read this and can enlighten me.

I have to say, I’m all for cute workout clothes – I love pink, I love my Chicabands, I love that they now make exercise clothes that fit well. I really love that they now make exercise clothes that fit well. I like that most of my exercise clothes are decent looking  enough that I can run errands in them.  (I don’t think I would feel the same way about the boys lacrosse shorts & concert t-shirts I used to wear for running in the 80’s & 90’s.)

Exercise wear – and gear- has come a long way since I started buying workout clothes decades ago, and both fit and functionality have greatly improved. But I can’t help but wonder – is some marketing guru out there deciding that we will now be expected to look pretty while we knock off a marathon or a century?  Is the day coming where it will no longer seem enough to push your body to its limit if you can’t also look good while doing it? I sure hope not.

NB: Colby can vouch: I can be a total girly-girl.  I love clothes, shoes, shopping, spa treatments, jewelry, make-up, the Bravo network. I love when I look good.  I really do. I just hope I am never expected to do it while I am attempting to kick my own butt.


10 thoughts on “Riding in Style?

  1. I will say this. There is a time and place for a skirt. I do not believe that running or riding is that time. Cute yes. But badass? I’m not so sure. Hey listen. You’re ass is in spandex. Embrace it. I would prefer not to have “sausage legs” with an ill fitting leg griper but I’ve got muscular legs. And an ass. No skirt is going to change that. It would be “Oh hey look. There’s Colby trying to hide her ass.” If you haven’t guessed, I’m anti athletic skirt. 🙂

    And yes! Tina is a Super Fly Girly Girl!! And I love her for it! (Concert T’s and Boys lax shorts especially!!! 😉 )

  2. Although I do think that someone sporting one of those skirts might look ‘hot’ (sorry, can’t/won’t use the word ‘cute’), you never, ever see them on someone doing some serious cycling. And I have never seen a woman wear one either.

  3. I actually do wear running skirts when I trail run, and it’s for a reason. When you run here in TX in the summer, it’s really hot. Heat + sweat = lots of chafing. With shorts, inner thighs chafe, so it helps to wear spandex shorts that cover the inner thighs. However, most women I know HATE wearing tight spandex (talk about showing everything) shorts, so you wear a running skirt over the spandex for more modesty — and a better look. It actually does look kind of badass to see a woman running a tough trail wearing a skirt. And for the record, I’ve seen men wear running skirts on the trail as well!

    • Thank you – I thought there had to be a functionaility aspect, at least for some people, given the huge numbers of running skirts out there. I think you can wear pretty much anything you want for heavy-duty trail running and look badass. Trail running IS badass.

    • You run trails. In the summer. In Texas. That TOTALLY makes you badass. It might make you the baddest ass out there! I was figuring there was a function to them. I swallow my pride and embrace the all-seeing spandex in the summer. (Yipes!)

      • Me, too. Fortunately, my morning runs are early enough in the summer that other than a few traders heading for the 5:21 train, I’m mostly seen by birds and sleepy nocturnal animals.

  4. I wear a running skirt from time to time. I like them because I hate camel toe and my spandex shorts, which I like short, almost always end up a lot higher at the end of the run than they were at the beginning. Trust me, I was super skeptical of the skirt at first – I am absolutely ungirly – but I got one as a gift and ended up really liking it.

    • Good to know! I wouldn’t like rocking a spandex short without something over it, either, except for my early early morning runs where no one sees me. I’m happy that the running skirts have a purpose other than “cute.”

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