When YakTrax Just Aren’t Enough…

Colby and I might need one of these for the next few days.

Colby and I might need one of these for the next few days.

Auntie Em, there is a Blizzard a’ coming! Tomorrow (we think)!

I think the forecasters started talking about it on Monday. As per the latest update, it appears that we are getting either 6 or 26 inches of snow (or something in between). Or less.  Or more. Or it might be mostly rain, and then snow, here along the coast. But it still could be all snow, they don’t know. Winds of somewhere between 15-60 miles per hour. Or lower.  Or higher.

The only thing that the forecasters seem sure of is that a big storm is hitting the northeast, and will start sometime tonight, or tomorrow morning, or most certainly by tomorrow afternoon. Unless it is mostly rain, and then the worst might not be until tomorrow night.

Whatever is headed our way, one thing is certain: there is not a single quart of milk, loaf of bread or carton of eggs left in the Stop & Shop in my town.


9 thoughts on “When YakTrax Just Aren’t Enough…

  1. Love the sled dog photo! Good luck! Looks like this one will skip over Northeast Ohio, though we are getting rain, thunder and snow right now-crazy weather for running or just living!

    • I was one of “those people” stocking up at S&S yesterday. First day out after the stomach bug invaded our house and we were out of everything. Great timing! Fortunately, I went early before the shelves were cleared…

  2. Wow, it’s amazing that you have this huge storm headed your way and it was 80 degrees here yesterday. Our spring was early last year, but I can’t remember ever having temperatures this warm in late Jan/early Feb. Enjoy your snow and stay warm!

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