You Might Think I’m Crazy…

Just got back from a fabulous 5 ½ mile run through my snowy town. Bright blue sky, brilliant sun, YakTrax on, and I glided over the packed snow with ease.

I got many a look from drivers who clearly thought I was crazy for running in the snow. Truth be told, the streets were fine for running, at least in YakTrax, and the only danger came from the eejits who need snow driving lessons or attitude adjustments. So, for the following drivers who gave me the rolled eyes, the feeling is mutual:

1. Ms. Suburban. Yes, you have 4-wheel drive, but all cars have 4-wheel brakes. The 4-wheel drive only helps you get through snow, not stop on a dime in it. That is why you slid when you slammed on the brakes at the stop sign that has been in the same place for the last 40 years.

2. Joe Prius – pony up and get snow tires on your car. Tailgating an SUV to try and use its tracks will net you nothing but a rear-end collision. Your car is significantly narrower and ain’t gonna fit in the tracks of a truck.

3. Ms. Subaru – don’t bother investing in car known for its safety record if you are going to drive it in the snow with a cell phone in one hand and a Starbucks in the other. Are you an octopus?

4. Mr. unknown-type of sedan – you look like you have donut tires on your car. You’re barely supposed to drive in fair weather conditions in them, let alone snow. That is why you got stuck at the top of your driveway. See you in April.

5. Ms. Sienna- seriously? Failing to clear off the windows of your car and only clearing the windshield with the windshield wipers is downright lazy and dangerous. Are you planning on driving only through tunnels? I hope there is a ticket for that.

6. Mr. Volvo- you shouldn’t speed on a windy road on a nice day, let alone a day where the road is snow-covered and down to one lane. If you made it home without hurting someone, it’s a miracle. PS: Everything is closed, including the trains. What’s the big rush?

Crazy drivers aside, it was one beautiful run.


3 thoughts on “You Might Think I’m Crazy…

  1. No my friend. I do not think you are crazy. I think we were separated at birth. I didn’t have that many drivers rolling their eyes (alas, my roads were JUST plowed tonight. car traffic was MINIMAL). However I did get a a slew of snarky comments from irritated people shoveling. “Here. Grab a shovel. I’LL GIVE YOU SOME CARDIO!” Easy dude. I shoveled too.

  2. I have so much hate for my fellow human beings when they get behind the wheel…replace snow with rain and you have Southern California…it turns people into mindless eejits as you would say.

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