Everybody’s Shovelin’…


33 inches. Holy Blizzard Nemo! My View. Connecticut.

I. Am. Alive. (Hooray!)

After a very hectic work week, including a 2-day trip to Boston to an intensive training class (Don’t ask. I’m not even sure I can answer. My brain has BARELY returned to it’s normal state. It was mush a mere 4 days ago.), followed by a mad dash to return home before the End of The World and then that little asshole Nemo, I was pretty much toast. I am very happy to report that despite a bang up week, I managed 2 CrossFit classes and a full week of running despite massive intellectual stimulation, a hotel treadmill and The Blizzard.

Nemo, you crazy clownfish. What the hell was THAT? Sweet Baby Jesus. Now THAT was a BLIZZARD. In all of my life, I have never seen that much snow fall at a single clip. It was bananas. Here is the kicker. It’s Monday evening. Nemo reared his head Friday. I JUST saw a plow go by two hours ago. I have been grounded since I got home from Boston late Thursday night. No go. Roads impassable.


Any more of this and I swear my “Check Liver” light is going to go on. I’d head to rehab if I had a snowmobile or sled dogs. (I’m sure my pups Leon James-The Mutt and Pearl Anne-The Beagle would LOVE dragging my pickled ass down the snow packed side streets.) Good Grief.

I have been absolutely LOVING Tina’s posts while I’ve been in Training Hell with cardiologists, electro physiologists, other Mensa members and…oh yeah. Me. I especially loved Tina’s Nemo Breakdown By the Numbers. Since Tina and I live along opposite ends of the Connecticut shoreline, I figured I’d chime in with what’s happening in my neck of the woods. So without further ado, here is my take on Nemo:

Total inches of snow accumulation in my town: 33 inches (as per town officials)

Number of cross-country skiers seen gliding down my road: 1 (My Boyfriend)

Number of snow shoeing fools running around town: 1 (Me. I ran just shy of 4 miles snow shoeing right down the middle of the roads into the center of town. Beautiful. Peaceful. Ridiculously Difficult.)

Number of people who asked me if I was insane: 5 (“I know right! But I’m training for a marathon!!!”)

Time at which my kids my dogs came in from sledding tearing ass around our yard on Friday night: 8:00 PM.

Number of movies epidsodes of Pawn Stars watched: 24 (I’m not kidding. I love ChumLee.)

Number of miles run in YakTrax: 11 (5 miles during the actual Blizzard. They. Rock.)

Number of miles run in snow shoes: 4 (Heart Rate pegged at TILT.)

Number of minutes spent spinning on my bike: 60

Number of squats with heavy shovel fulls of snow: 58

Cups of cocoa consumed: 6 (No need to discuss wine, rum or beer. Why don’t we leave it at cocoa shall we? Great.)

Number of times I wiped dirty wet paws: 24

Number of children beagles getting stuck in a snowdrift trying to intimidate a collie: 1 (“Is that all you got Lassie? You ever heard of Snoopy, bitch?” My beagle doesn’t take shit.)

Number of boyfriends falling off of ladders into snowdrifts while chipping ice out of gutters: 1 (My Hero.)

Time at which the town finally got to my road with a plow: 5PM MONDAY NIGHT. (And still there is not a patch of pavement to been seen.)

Number of snow shovels destroyed by heavy snow: 1 (And it was our favorite.)

Number of electric fences destroyed by The Farmer, my good Samaritan neighbor, who got a little overzealous with the plow attached to his John Deere Tractor : 1

Number of dogs rejoicing with their new found freedom: 2 (Leon James and Pearl Anne.)

Number of runners seen running down my road : 2 (Me and the Other Crazy Lady who runs with 2 Husky’s. Fitting really. Very “Iditarod”.)

Time at which My Boyfriend and I kicked off Happy Hour on Friday: I plead the Fifth too.

(And it ain’t over yet.)

Cheers Friends!


7 thoughts on “Everybody’s Shovelin’…

  1. I am so happy that you were finally visited by a plow, even if (as it appears) they did a lame job. I will forever be impressed that you snowshoed a run. That’s dedication.
    Your namesake loves Chumlee, too Lily got her into it.

    • I can just see pavement now. Side roads are total crap. And now with yesterday’s rain, flooded slush. I did bust out of the joint and head out for my missed long run. Most roads here are only wide enough for one car (and a runner if you turn sideways and suck in your stomach.) I played a game of chicken with a speeding soccer mom in an Audi and after swearing at her like a Salty Sailor, headed back home frozen and soaked. I got the miles in though. Mission Accomplished!

  2. I think we had hail at one point last week…but then the “storm” disappeared…so yeah. I am kind of disappointed that you didnt take some photos of your snowshoeing adventure…FAIL. Nothing better than seeing the hub of a city completely vacant. Well, hopefully with the streets plowed you can get by on your yak trax. Enjoy the booze and coco!

    • Epic Fail. I know. I flaked and left my phone on the coffee table. Very Bummed. It was so completely beautiful. And quiet. I live in a Connecticut Shoreline town with this amazing Town Green. It was like a painting. We’re supposed to get another 6 inches this week so don’t despair! They’ll come soon enough.

      Why did I commit to winter marathon training again? Must be the booze and the coco. 😉

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