Make-up long run…in pictures

Seeing as how I flaked and left my camera on the coffee table prior to venturing out for a run in snow shoes, post record breaking blizzard (Epic. Fail.), I decided I would bring it with me on today’s “Make Up Long Run.” That damn Blizzard, and the monsoon freezing rain that followed it the next day thwarted my long run.  And promptly stressed me out.  I have never “missed” a long run. Thankfully I had ample time on my hands today. No cure today. Work is closed. The City is STILL paralyzed from the amount of snow. (Score 1 Long Run!)  Although not quite as peaceful–dodging pay loaders, plows, snow banks and Anxious Audi Driving Soccer Moms isn’t exactly Zen–it sure was pretty.

As the miles ticked away, I started to relax, look around and realize just how beautiful the day was. Lucky. So lucky. I’m starting to get to the point of marathon training where bundling up, lacing up my Newton’s, and dragging my ass out the door in below freezing rain, snow, sleet and wind is feeling like a chore- a chore Cinderella would balk at. (Thank God I’m not Cinderella. Although I wouldn’t mind a pair of clear heels. Just saying.) I hate when running becomes a chore. It should never be a chore. It should be a release, a welcome respite from the otherwise daily craziness.  Mother Nature has not been a runner’s friend here the past 2 weeks. She made up for it today- even though I swore I ran through a 7-11 Slushie. Today’s Make-Up Long Run made me realize just why I love running around my town.

A view across the Town Green as seen through MOUNDS of snow. It’s a huge beautiful hub, lined with big old trees and vast expanses of green. I like to think it’s the heart of the town.


There are cows grazing here in the summer time. This morning there wasn’t a cow to be found! Just a pretty tangle of branches, snow and crystal blue skies. Love it.


Today you couldn’t smell the sea. That’s one of my favorite things about living near here. Summer time early morning runs are gorgeous. This morning was somehow prettier to me.


I love it when the salt marsh freezes up. Beautiful.


Those duckies were definitely chilly. Although I’m pretty sure they were as happy as I was!


Now if only that damn groundhog saw this. Damn vermin.


6 thoughts on “Make-up long run…in pictures

    • As you know, I was ALL stressed about it. And although I thoroughly enjoyed hopping on my trainer and catching up on Downton Abbey, I would have rather been running. Got that puppy in!

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love journaling my run with photos along the way. Makes a long run go faster and seem more like an adventure….and, you’re right, less like a chore!

    • Thank you! I was tempted to just ditch the run and wander around snapping away. I really enjoyed running with a camera. You’re spot on- it zipped away and felt like an adventure. And who doesn’t love an adventure? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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