Sunshine Award!


Holy Toledo! You like us! You really like us! (Was that a bit too Oscars?)

Many thanks to Dani Cee of HAUTEbyDaniCee for the Sunshine Award nomination! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should – great information on health, beauty, fitness – basically, everything on how to look and feel your best! She’s smart, fit and fabulous. (And she thinks we’re funny so how could you not dig her? 🙂 ) We are so green in the blogosphere but happily seem to be finding our way. We’re also finding funny, smart, inspiring people out there too. Win-win on all accounts. Exciting stuff! So. Without further ado- The Sunshine Award!

Here are the rules: Post the Sunshine Award image, answer the following 10 questions and note 10 blogs you wish to nominate.

The 10 questions and our answers:

Favorite color

Tina: Blue. I like it light, dark, bright, muted. Haven’t met a blue I didn’t like. Periwinkle is probably my favorite shade.

Colby: Black. Hands down my go to color. Lately though I’ve been branching out. I’m digging orange. I’m drawn to it. Who knew? (Oh my God Tina. Together we’re bruised!)

Favorite animal:

Tina: Deer. There are tons where I live and though they can be quite the nuisance, there is just something so graceful, gentle and vulnerable about them.

Colby: Dog. Nothing better than a pup. Ever. When I was little I would climb up the bookshelves to reach our Encyclopedias and yank out the very worn “D-4.” I can still remember what that book smells like. Needless to say I was a master of dog breeds by age 6. (“Oh Hey Mom! Check out that Kuvasv!” Oh. Colby.)

Favorite number:

Tina: Eight has been my lucky number for as long as I can remember.

Colby: 27. Not sure why.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:

Tina: Regular Coke. Pure junk and I don’t even want to know what it does to my glycemic index or teeth, but such a treat when I have one!

Colby: (WHAT? Drinks WITHOUT alcohol?! Why bother? ) Huge fan of crystal light pink lemonade or iced tea depending on my mood. Refreshing.

Facebook or Twitter:

Tina: I was so late to the party with Facebook, I was surprised people were still there when I joined. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to twitter. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to social media.

Colby: Facebook. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Currently, we are in love. Although I must admit I am in love with hashtags. #yeaysunshineaward

My passion:

Tina: Writing, running and reading, not necessarily in that order. A great day is when I can hit the trifecta and get to devote serious time to all three in on one day!

Colby: Running, riding and wandering. Sometimes the best plans aren’t the ones intended. Get out and get lost! Eyes open. Mind open. Heart open. Learning something new is definitely a passion.

Favorite pattern:

Tina: Tough one – I usually wear solids! Love the Burberry plaid & I love zen-inspired patterns on my workout stuff. Pucci prints and Lilly Pulitzer patterns always make me smile!

Colby: Leopard. Period.

Favorite day of the week:

Tina: Sunday morning, especially when I can get out for a run, but even when I cannot. Brand new day, brand new week and it feels like the world is my own.

Colby: Any day that starts with a relaxing cup of coffee in bed. Easing into the day wrapped in crisp clean sheets and a hot cup of joe is the best. By far. Stretch, relax. Then GO!  Game. On.

Favorite flower:

Tina: Peonies. The color! The smell! The painfully short growing season! They always leave me wanting more.

Colby: Orchid. Amazingly intricate miniature works of art. Absolute beauty in one small package. They make me incredibly happy.

My Our 10 Nominees: Check out these awesome, funny, insightful, inspiring, blogs!  (Seriously. Now go. Get clickin’!)

1. Drunken Cyclist
2. Mind Margins
3. I’m a Runner So Can You
4. Joy in the Day
5. Sunny Days in DC
6. Lavender Parking
7. Running Sunflower
8. Move Eat Create
9. Etc
10. On the lam(b)


5 thoughts on “Sunshine Award!

  1. Colby, you are dating yourself by writing Crystal Light as your favorite non-alcoholic…anyone under 30 has no idea what you are talking about. Thanks for the nomination but I am not sure I spread sunshine when I don’t write!

    • I would have dated myself if I said “Tab.” I figure I’m on the fringe with Crystal Light Pink Lemonade. Besides, it’s true. You spread Sunshine by your thoughtful, witty comments which say “I read your piece. And here’s what I think…” You would be spreading far more shine if you wrote. So….get back at it Pal. Love when you do so. 🙂

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