The REAL Post- Long Run in Pictures

I learned something today. I cannot leave my computer unattended with a draft post on the screen. One of the leprechauns who live in my house posted it while I was away from my computer. So far, no one is ‘fessing up. I hope I don’t need to resort to waterboarding.

Anyway, I loved Colby’s post with the pics of her run, so thought I would do one myself. As I mentioned in my half-post, I had a GREAT run this morning – went out for 12, came home after 15.5 (it was that just that kind of a day)  and have some pics to share of my running route.  Here goes:

Hunt Club

Hunt Club

This is our neighborhood hunt club. Quiet now, but busy with horse shows and riding from Spring through Fall. Toward the back left, you can see the horse stalls. My run also takes me by the back side of the club, so I get to say hi to the horses. I don’t ride, but if I did, it would be very convenient – this is just around the corner from my house.


This is one of the horse farms I pass on my route (sensing a theme here? Horses are popular in my ‘hood).

There are lots of historic homes on my route – this is one of them:


I love that this house was built in “about” 1690. Seriously, who was keeping close track at that point? It is so cool that it is still standing. And people really live there, which is why I didn’t take a pic of the whole house. When I stopped to take the pic today, I could see someone inside reading by the window.  I usually spend the next mile or so in awe of anything being around since 1690. Amazing.


There are lots of these signs around. Deer are everywhere. They can be a pain, eat our landscaping and carry Lyme Disease, but I can’t help but love them. They are beautiful, graceful and so vulnerable. Everytime I start to tire of them, it seems someone visits from the city and stands at my back window in awe of them, and I fall in love all over again.


One of the less bucolic milestones on my route, but nonetheless important. You want to try speedwork? Try running across the off-ramp, and then on-ramp, of a busy highway. That’s speedwork.


There are lots of small streams, rivers, creeks and ponds on my route. So beautiful.  So peaceful. There were people fishing (for what, I have no idea) off to the side of this picture.


I love seeing this peace sign. This house is in a neighborhood of quite stately homes (and this house is no slouch itself). I love that the owners channel their inner hippies and put a huge peace sign over their doorway. I also love that when I see this peace sign, I know that the killer hill between miles 8-9 is complete. (Colby – I think this house is on the Fairfield Half route, so you can flash them a peace sign back in June).

That’s it, kids. My run today didn’t take me by one of my favorite running spots – the beach, so no pics of the peaceful Long Island Sound today. Another time. Right now I need to go solve the Mystery of the Secret Blog Poster. Where the hell is Nancy Drew when you need her?


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