On the Road Again

Spring is in the air, so I freed Trixie the Wonder Bike from her perch on the indoor bike trainer and the two of us took to the road this morning. It was heavenly.

I feel like we have been waiting for Spring to arrive since forever at this point (the weather, not the actual season. I don’t care what it says on the calendar. I care about my hands getting a chance to warm up after 4 months of cold weather.). I have had a great winter, but it has overstayed its welcome and last week’s snowstorm nearly did me in. Last Friday was actually a snow day for most towns in Connecticut. A snow day in March? Cruel and unusual punishment.

Just yesterday, one of my kids asked, “When is Spring going to get here?” And I looked outside, and thought, Well, spring is here. What we have right now? This is spring in the Northeast. It is chilly, and usually colder than you want it to be, but not as cold as February. It feels colder, though, because you are so excited to kiss winter goodbye that you usually don’t dress warmly enough for the still-pretty-cold temperatures.  It continues to be a little gray, but not as bad as January and February. It rains a lot instead of snowing. There is barely any snow left on the ground and you can hear a bird or two. Yup, that is Spring in the Northeast. That’s pretty much what you get, like it or not. Of course, I have to enjoy it (or not) while I can, because summer sometimes shows up in mid-April and sticks around through October.

It was so great to ride my bike on the road again. Not that I didn’t love my bike trainer, which let me cycle regularly throughout a snowy winter, but there’s nothing like being out on the road on a crisp sunny day dodging minivans. I think I may just put a target on my back. Love that adrenaline rush.

I bought my bike – after not having ridden in years – last October, and only got to ride it outside a handful of times before Hurricane Sandy and her lesser friends showed up and spoiled the fun. Today was a bit like starting over, but in a good way. My indoor riding definitely helped me get to “know” my bike and get the hang of the different gears and their uses, so I felt more confident than I did last Fall. Cycling still feels new and exciting for me, though, and I can’t get enough of that feeling of freedom you have when coasting down a big hill.

Wheeeee! I hope the novelty never wears off.


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