Snow, Snow Go Away

WANTED: For perpetrating fraud on innocent persons.

WANTED: For perpetrating fraud on an innocent public.

It is March 18. St. Patrick’s Day is over. Easter is around the bend. The official start date for Spring is a mere 2 days away. And yet, I just opened an e-mail indicating that my son’s Lacrosse practice is cancelled tonight due to snow. 3-6 inches expected tonight in these here parts.

Screw you, Winter. I have alpine skied, cross-country skied, yak-tracked, gone snow tubing, sledded, poured endless cups of cocoa, skated, shoveled, celebrated snow days, made snow angels, tossed snowballs, helped build snow forts, made maple sugar snow and accessorized snowmen, for months now. All with a smile on my face and a (mostly) positive attitude. But I have officially had ENOUGH.

No, that’s not the sound of ice cracking that you hear.  It’s me.


3 thoughts on “Snow, Snow Go Away

  1. Ugh! We (Baltimore) were supposed to get 1-2 inches but I think they changed it and now we’re not expected to get any. I was so mad at the thought of it! I really hate snow (unless I get snow day out of it), but snow when we’re THIS close to spring is even more irksome! It really is so annoying.

  2. It looks like we will get less here, too, at least along the coast (where Colby and I live). Since this morning, the forecast has changed to 1-3″ and freezing rain. Still yuck. I feel like my hands haven’t been warm in ages. I like snow, but enough is enough!

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