Picture Perfect Run.

I spent last weekend in Grafton, Vermont with The Fam. It really is one of my favorite places to visit. Unplug. Unwind. Reboot. Drink yourself silly. (Ok maybe the last one was a bit much, but, hey, at least I’m honest.) It’s a peaceful. Serene. Far away enough without being FAR. Running here is becoming one of my favorite things to do. Riding even more so. I finished my last 20 miler on Friday, hopped in the car and headed up. I ran this route Saturday, the day The Fam had Easter. Needless to say I ate my weight, drank my height, and laughed my ass off. Everything a holiday with family should be. Here is Saturday’s Run. In pictures…


Simply a beautiful, crisp spring day. How could I NOT go for a quiet morning run in Grafton Vermont?  I mean really….


Had I realized there would be this much snow floating around, I would have brought my trusty snow shoes. (Duh Colby. It’s Vermont.)


Crisp and chilly in the shade. I love running along the river.


Sans snow, it’s the perfect place to chill. Ok. Maybe with the snow too, but for now, I’m runnin’.


Tin roof. Rusted….


There’s a church. And a steeple. Where the hell are all the people? (Sleeping off hangovers. That’s where…)


Sweet Jesus. Screw the snowshoes. I should have worn a hard hat…


Right turn Clyde. Goin’ with the flow….


Fun Fact: The Grafton Inn is one of the oldest continually operating Inns in the country. Neat huh?


Ain’t much going on. Except a beautiful 5 mile run around town.


Pups allowed! Leon James and Pearl Anne love it here. This time, they’re at the “Spa”.


Not exactly sure what the Village Pump is. It’s old though. (And kinda sounds dirty.) I loved the wrought iron sign post. It sits on the river near a pretty little covered bridge.


There is nothing like a Ye Olde Tavern. Especially one we don’t have to drive to.


Which way should I go? The only decision I made. Well that and whether I wanted a drink drink or wine. (Answer: Both.)


Sweet little village.


Dead Head. ‘Nuff said.


One of many. In June, Tina, my sister and I return to run the Covered Bridge Half Marathon. So looking forward to it. That and leaves. Gimme some green already!


View from the bridge. I don’t want to turn back.


Hurricane Irene devastated Vermont. It nearly wiped out the town. Standing since 1870, this little covered bridge is as tough as nails.


I could run forever….

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