Cloud 9

Love, Love, Love!

Love, Love, Love!

Got to run on clouds this morning. At least I felt like I did. Nothing better than running in a brand new pair of kicks!

I just bought another pair of Brooks Glycerin 10’s. I started running in the Glycerin 9’s two years ago and fell in love. When the 10’s came out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Brooks managed to improve a shoe that had seemed pretty darn perfect to me. I don’t know what magic they work into this shoe, but it fits my feet perfectly and is so comfortable. I ended up running around 14 miles this morning – in a brand new pair of shoes – and finished without so much as a tender spot on my foot. Incredible.

I am a “neutral” runner. (I’m assuming this fact does not surprise anyone who knows me in person or through my blog. Yes, even my feet fail to be edgy.) I don’t pronate, have a regular arch and have a normal stride. The bottoms of my running shoes never even become worn looking, I suppose because they wear so evenly. Colby pointed this out to me once when she took a peek at some of my old shoes. She assumed they were my new ones. They were, in fact, ancient and about to be retired. So, the main thing I need in a shoe is decent support (but not too much – stability shoes hurt) and cushioning for my higher mileage runs. Brooks Glycerin 10’s fit the bill and do an awesome job.

My blissful run was a good reminder that although running is a low-maintenance sport when it comes to the amount of gear you need, it is so important to get quality gear for the few things you do need, especially when it comes to shoes. For me, shoes and sports bras have always been the two items that warrant spending whatever it takes to be comfortable. I have slowly learned that socks are a close third.

Spring has sprung here in the Northeast, and although the brand new shoes were what really made my run great, the perfect weather didn’t hurt either. All the spring scenery and smells have returned to the Connecticut Shoreline, and it is simply gorgeous. Colby, you’re not even going to recognize the joint when you get back from California!


2 thoughts on “Cloud 9

  1. I love it when a new shoe feels like an old one. I just cracked open a pair of Kinvara 4’s and had a similar experience. Here’s to improved weather in your neck of the woods!

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