What’s it Worth?

As I have written before, there are some aspects of youth sports that don’t exactly thrill me. But then there are the moments that do just that, even amidst a crazy sports-filled weekend that had me flying solo for most of it (husband was away until Saturday afternoon, so Yours Truly got full chauffeur duties for most of the weekend sporting events).

Let me break down my weekend for you in Mastercard fashion:

Cost of gas used to drive hither and yon driving 3 kids to 6 different games & practices (none of which, of course, were near each other): probably around $50

Estimated cost of treating future ulcers resulting from having to be in multiple places at the same time and lacking a cloning machine: somewhere in the $1000’s.

Look on my not-so-confident, could-use-a-boost 3rd Grader’s face when the softball commissioner asked if she could go pitch for a 4th grade team after her 3rd grade game finished, because the 4th grade team needed some help: PRICELESS.

The incredulous look of sheer joy on N’s face made my weekend and melted my heart. She got to pitch and play in her first double header, and did great.

In other kid news, as I was heading out for a run this morning with a handheld water bottle holder, my 7 year old stopped me and asked why I was going running with a beer coozie. After explaining that it was not a beer coozie, I started to ask how he knew what a beer coozie was, but then thought the better of it and just left for my run. I think it may be time to start shifting money from the college fund to the bail fund.


5 thoughts on “What’s it Worth?

  1. Good for your girl! Hopefully she got a boost in confidence.
    It can be difficult being in two places at once but you will recall these days with a smile on your face and a tear in your eye. Enjoy every second!

    • I LOVE these days. My kids are 11,9 & 7 and I love their ages. Old enough to have great conversations, young enough to still want to spend time with me and hug me. I wish I could freeze time sometimes…

      • I know what you mean. Mine are 19 and 16. The 16 year old used to be Daddy’s girl, not so much any more ;(. But she is a lot like me, so I know she will come around eventually. I just need to be patient.

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