Holy social media. We’re on Facebook…

It’s a big day for It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint.


We have our very own Facebook page! (I know, I know, Welcome to 2013.) Considering one of us still has her yellow Waterproof Sony Walkman (cough, Tina, cough, cough) this was no small feat. Should our widget, plugin or whatever the hell it’s called, work, our blog posts should wind up directly on there. Honestly, I’m holding my breath. I figured out the whole thing after 3 glasses of wine so if the Facebook Page is that of a small French winery featuring white Bordeaux, my apologies. You can also find tips, quips, inspiration and random one offs conducive to a Blogger with Blogger’s Block (Uh yeah, Colby).

It will be fun.
Like us. (I mean hit the damn “Like” button .)
And share away!


4 thoughts on “Holy social media. We’re on Facebook…

  1. I am never giving up my Sony Walkman. It still has a mix tape in it. You can’t shame me into getting rid of it. Sorry.
    Here’s my random one-off du jour. Observation from my bike ride this afternoon: Last night apparently was a tough night for the local squirrels. Yuck.

    RIP Rocky & friends; Sorry that Bullwinkle abandoned you in your time of need.

  2. Tina…would you like me to see if my mother-in-law has any 8 tracks, I mean cassettes, for your walkman? A book on tape perhaps?

    • As a matter of fact, I would!!! I wasted some of the best years of my life putting together my running mixes, with gems from Journey, Madonna, Paula Abdul, George Michael and the like. All on the mighty cassette. I can’t give it all up now!!!!!

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