Reunited (And it Feels So Good)

You know how sometimes you start to get ready for a run and procrastinate? You don’t really feel like going, but feel like you should. But you really don’t want to. It’s cold, it’s hot, you’re tired, you’re busy, you want more coffee, you drank too much coffee, you want to check more stuff out on Pinterest…yeah, you really don’t want to, at least not until you get out there, and then, of course, it feels so good that you can’t believe you ever procrastinated in the first place.

Well, I say there is nothing like NOT being able to run for almost a week to put a little spring in your step as you get ready for a run. No procrastinating here! It’s like getting ready for a reunion with an old friend. Can’t get ready fast enough.

That was me this morning. Woke up and I was good to go for my first run since last Monday morning. Hello running sneaks!!!  Yippee! Nothing against cycling – I love it – but after 3 straight days of cycling, I was more than ready to lace up and go for a run.

And as much as I love (love!) cycling, running will always be first for me. Nothing I have ever done athletically can beat the feeling of taking off on my own feet. When I run, it all comes down to me – my mind and my body. No accessories or gear, no coasting, no brakes, chains or other mechanics to worry about.  I just gotta fire up my own internal engine and go.

So this morning, I did. And it was great. And tomorrow? Will be even better.


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