I need to start playing Powerball.

What are the odds?

I decide -completely on a whim- to enter the ING New York Marathon lottery days before the drawing. Thinking: I’ll NEVER get in. With Hurricane Sandy and Boston and the guaranteed runners, what are there? Three lottery spots? Yeah. Right. I have a better chance of having tea with the Queen.

Eh. What the hell Colby? Do it. Throw your name in. Do it!

Post- Big Sur Marathon blues were setting in.

What am I gonna run in the fall? What? No marathon? That’s crap. I’m getting soft. I need a plan. A GOAL!.

God forbid I don’t have a freaking goal.

Total lunacy, I know. I’m far from “soft.” And I know it. Although at times I forget it. There are times when I think if I sit still for more than 5 minutes I’ll morph into Jaba the Hut, and permanently ooze into a pilly green couch, clad in a floral mu-mu, covered in Doritos, surrounded by 50 cats.

That’s really not me.
But sometimes that’s what I think will happen.

So The Lottery… (Not Shirley Jackson’s, Lottery although someone should have stoned me when I pressed ‘Send’.)

I got this…


So. I’m in.

Why am I not turning kart wheels?

Yeah! GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! Insert annoying vuvuzela here.

Oh right. I left this juicy tidbit out.
I pulled the trigger.
I registered for the VT50.
A 50k trail race.
My first ultra. In Vermont.
I had the blog post all ready.
Then this happened.

It’s Septmeber 29th.
The New York Marathon is November 3rd.

I texted Tina. I laughed out loud. I had a tumbler of wine.


I wanted a goddamn goal.
Now I have two.

And I’m maniacally smiling ear to ear.



11 thoughts on “I need to start playing Powerball.

  1. So psyched for you! You can do both. You can do it. Think of how easy NYC will feel after the VT50. And warm it up for me, will ya? I think I’m going to try for NYC next year…send me your lottery mojo!

    • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? I seriously contemplated bailing on NY until Tough Love Tim had a few words for me. it will be Fun. And oddly, I’m PSYCHED. I said I wanted a challenge this year…

      XoWonder Woman

  2. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! I know someone else running NYC this year, well, kinda. As Tina said, NYC will be easy in comparison to a 50k trail run…and I will say this…it looks like you may in the best shape of your life this fall!

    • And that my, Blog Friend, is exactly why I’m stoked. πŸ™‚ Goal is now to stay healthy. You do “know” someone running NY! It’s going to be epic. Look at us. Runnin’ New York…..

      • Well, after finding out how fast you guys are, I may pace you at NY. Although I have no idea what to expect. I am doing my best to keep my excitement at bay until the taper. Training starts July 1st! Not that I am not already training.

      • I think it’s going to be even more epic than the first time I ran it- with Hurricane Sandy and Boston and all. I can’t wait for your recap. The energy there is unlike any other. I’m so looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

    • A little crazy but FUN is right. And why not? I might as well do it while I can. I wish I had done all this nonsense in my 20s. Instead I was loaded, eating Cap’n Crunch…..such is life! LIVE IT NOW I SAY! It’s never too late!!! πŸ™‚

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