How the Hell Did Katy Perry End Up on My Playlist?

Well, I’ll tell you how.

Been busy with life lately (sick kids, sick husband, mini-breakdown over marathon almost being canceled, work deadlines, hosted a 12 girl slumber party (God Help Me) for my 10 year-old’s birthday, sick myself…you get the picture), so haven’t been blogging much or doing much to prepare for Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon, other than to taper, of course.

All this meant I just got around to updating my playlist yesterday.

Oh…am I supposed to be stretching, doing positive visualization and carb-loading to prepare for Sunday? Sorry, too busy playing DJ. We all prepare in our own ways, I guess. I HAVE been drinking lots of water.

I like to add new songs before a race to mix things up a little. And my playlist is definitely already “mixed up a little.” Ozzy Osbourne? Check. Neil Diamond? Check. (what diehard member of Red Sox Nation could omit “Sweet Caroline” from any playlist?) The Gap Band? Sugarhill Gang? The Ramones? The Who? Check, Check, Check and Check. Boston? Duh. Of course.

But I do not have any Katy Perry. I may have had “Firework” on there for a while back when it was new, but she’s not someone I go to for running songs.

Until now.

Colby posted this on Facebook the other day, and I immediately watched. And cried. And shared on our Facebook page’s timeline. And now I’m sharing it here, because it’s just that good.

Fortuitous, I think, that I saw the video just before I started loading new songs onto my playlist. Now, “Roar” is on there. Please don’t tell my Rocker oldest son, M, or his image of me as someone with decent taste in music will be forever shattered. I will happily listen to a marathon of Led Zeppelin as penance.

Roar is not on there because I think it has an awesome workout beat. The cadence is a little slow for my tastes.

And it’s not on there because I find the lyrics themselves inspirational. I don’t, really, or at least I didn’t until watched that video. I mean, yes, I want young girls to learn to stand up for themselves, especially my tween girl, but the lyrics coming out of Katy Perry’s mouth just don’t move me too much. And I think pop singers generally need to pipe down a little more and roar a little less. And not show their underwear so much.

But now that I have seen “Roar” lip-synched by pediatric patients who need to fight? And deserve to roar? I’m officially moved.

“Roar” is on my playlist for perspective. Which I believe is much needed at this stage of the game when it comes to marathon training. I’ve been running, running, running, resting, hydrating, tapering, reading about walls and digging deep and going out too fast and pacing. And I have been antsy thinking out the race – how it will go, how I will do, how I will feel. A first marathon is a huge unknown – I have never run 26.2 miles before and I have to let go and trust the process that with the training I have done, I can do it. Without breaking my body. And hopefully with some semblance of dignity.

I hate letting go. I hate trusting processes. And I really, really hate the unknown. So, let’s just say I have been a little stressed. Anxious. And definitely in need of some perspective.

When I hear “Roar” on Sunday, I know I will not think of pace or walls or digging deep. I will think of the kids, nurses and doctors in that video. And I will be reminded that whatever happens on Sunday – a great time, a poor time, a crash and burn at mile 19, an injury – I am really lucky even to be able to participate in a marathon. It will remind me to look around and take it all in and enjoy the event, regardless of how I ultimately perform. I may queue it up to listen to while I wait for the start, for just that reason.

I will be reminded that I am healthy. My husband and kids are healthy.

And really, that is what matters.


10 thoughts on “How the Hell Did Katy Perry End Up on My Playlist?

  1. Man, now I may add this to the playlist. Way to go Tina…way. to. go…

    Enjoy the experience, I have a few other blogger friends that are participating this weekend in the MCM. It looks like a great event!

  2. Loookit you with a Katy Perry tune! Welcome to 2013 Friend! (I kid.) You know how I love myself total CHEESE to run to. After seeing that video, I have a hard time NOT being inspired by Roar. Amazing.

    As for you….I don’t need to say this….BUT I AM SO F*%^$#ING PROUD OF YOU!!! (See. I can censor myself. 😉 ) So proud Tina. Remember, soak it in. Look around. Feel it. That amazing energy. There is nothing like finishing. Pull your earbuds out and listen to that crowd at in Arlington. And most of all….ROAR BABY! xoxox

    • Oh, I like cheese. Just a fine, aged cheese, like The Bee Gees. Orleans. Donna Summer. So, by my calculations, Katy Perry was scheduled to join my playlist in 2048. Roar just bumped her up a ‘lil bit.

      I cannot believe that this is such a momentous occasion that you censored yourself. Damn, you must be proud!!! 🙂

      I wouldn’t have even THOUGHT about doing this if it were not for you, and you know how very grateful I am. xxooo

  3. All the best for your race. I like to go through play lists, I just purchased a new iTunes card yesterday to get me our for a few more miles. I have not updates my Vocal Trance play list for a while.

  4. I needed the tissues too. I don’t run to music but often snippets of songs run through my head especially when I get tired. This song did on Wednesday night. Thanks for sharing the video it certainly does put a huge dose of perspective on our running. All the best for your marathon; a chance to celebrate being healthy and fit and being grateful.

  5. I had seen quite a few people post this on facebook but blew it off until I saw it on your post and I am glad I finally took time to watch it. This gave me chills and choked me up big time!! You will certainly run those 4 minutes for a few more people than yourself, thats for sure!
    Good luck with weekend!

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