A Burpee for You and a Burpee for Me


Move over Garmin, the Burpee has replaced you as my newest Frenemy.

On Saturday, I, along with the 7 other members of the “Marathoners and Sprinters” team, did the Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park. Colby has a recap in the pipeline, so I won’t detail the race and post-race festivities except to say that The Day After Assessment of team members yielded a variety of hematomas, splinters, cuts & scrapes, a sprained finger, rope burns, blisters, a missing filling, sore arms, shoulders, legs, backs and abs (the latter probably from laughing so hard) and a few Level 5 hangovers. It was a doozie. But what a fun doozie it was. One for the books.

One of the key features in a Spartan Race is the Burpee. Also known as the            F*&%^#ing! Burpee. Any time you fail an obstacle, you need to complete 30 Burpees to continue. And sometimes they have you do Burpees just for fun. ‘Cause they are so much fun. Suffice to say that I, who had never done a single Burpee in my life prior to the race, did a lot of Burpees on Saturday.

Monday dawned and I was still feeling the pain of all those Burpees. In fact, while my oldest, M, was getting some Phys Ed stuff together for school, we had the following short conversation:

M: Mom, can I talk to you about something?
Me: Yes, as long as it isn’t about that thing that rhymes with “murpees.”
M: You don’t want to talk about herpes?

Actually, No. No, I did not, but I would have much preferred an STD chat with an 11 year old than to discuss those death torture exercises. (Turns out his question had to do with running and pacing, so I was safe. Phew.)

Imagine my horror when I logged onto Facebook and saw this:


Imagine how long it took me to decide to accept the challenge (hint: about 2.5 seconds). I waited until today to start, though, since I thought it best to wait until I could lift my arms above my head before starting the challenge.

Here are my top 10 reasons for accepting the Burpee Challenge – maybe you will relate to one or more and will join me (and Colby, who started yesterday, little overachiever that she is) in taking it on:

1. I stink at them. I really, really, stink at them. And not doing them certainly isn’t going to make me any better at them.

2. Especially during marathon training, I became such a one-trick pony when it came to exercise. Now that I am running a little less and not training for any running races, it is time to add something new to the repertoire. Why not something I loathe and am bad at? Plus, cross training was on my list of goals for 2013 and it’s November, so probably time to start doing something about that.

3. I am a dinosaur when it comes to exercise and generally don’t do any activities invented after the Civil War. Nice to hop on board with something that all the cool young kids are doing these days.

4. I am so weak, it is pathetic. Prior to Saturday, I was privately weak. Now everyone knows. There is probably video evidence of it somewhere. Shame is a powerful motivator.

5. I did sets of 30 about a zillion times on Saturday and lived to tell, so 30 per day actually seems doable right now.

6. I love a good challenge. And for me, this is a challenge. Doable, but undoubtedly pretty painful. Definitely appeals to the masochist in me.

7. They really are an all-over workout – strength training for most muscle groups plus a burst of cardio. Talk about bang for your buck.

8. I love a good goal. And have no races on the horizon that I need to train for. This is a great, concrete goal – you either do it or you don’t. Just like a marathon.

9. It’s an incredibly portable exercise– no equipment needed. Perfect for doing during the holiday season, when I’ll be traveling a bit.

10. I already pre-registered for the 2014 Fenway Spartan Sprint. May as well start training now. Sigh.

So, Who’s in?


7 thoughts on “A Burpee for You and a Burpee for Me

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