2013 Goals – the Recap


Back in January, I set a bunch of goals for myself in 2013. Time to review and see how did before putting a list together for 2014. Here’s my original list and my progress…

1. Run a marathon. Check! Marine Corps Marathon on October 27. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Cannot wait until my next marathon.

2. Ride the Pan Mass Challenge. Done. Incredible. Inspirational. Life-changing. Counting the days (11!) until registration begins for PMC 2014.

3. Do yoga regularly. Epic fail. Time to accept that I just don’t like it enough to do it regularly and move on. I’m a person who would love to love yoga, but I am not a person who actually loves yoga. There is a difference. A big difference. I’m sure I’ll do it from time to time and I do enjoy the stretching, but “regularly” and “yoga” just ain’t gonna happen for me.

4. Find another pick-up soccer league, since my old one seems to have dissolved. My old one started up again over the summer. Unfortunately, due to PMC & marathon training, and my fear of injuries (I sprained my ankle pretty badly during one of these games a few years ago), I never made it to a game. Next year!

5. Become more fit overall and take care of my body. Eh, I did ok on this one. Definitely cross-trained more – training for the PMC helped in that regard. Definitely stretched more, but still not enough. Started weight training and then dropped it. Repeatedly. Hope to keep making progress on this one in 2014.

6. Find a 5K that is conducive (i.e. does not have a completely crowded, bottlenecked first half-mile that all of the “fun” races seem to have) to me breaking a 7:30 pace. Then actually doing it. Never broke the 7:30 pace. Waaah! Didn’t run too many 5K’s this year, because my race schedule was full of longer and different types of races. Fastest 5K was at a 7:37 pace. Did run a 2-mile run portion of a Duathlon at a 7:25 pace, but never quite reached this goal. 2014!

7. More race goals: try at least three 5K’s or half marathons that I have not run before. Finish the &*^%)$!%# Fairfield Half with my head held high (and hopefully without the minor heatstroke). Done and Done. Ran Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon, Vermont Covered Bridges half Marathon, Guilford’s Frosty 5K and Boston Volvo’s Thanksgiving 5K, all of which were new ones for me. Also competed in two duathlons, which was an entirely new type of race for me. Fairfield Half was hot & steamy, but I ran a smart race and finished with my head held as high as I could hold it after 13.1 miles of misery.

8. Volunteer at a race to pay it forward for all of those who have handed out water and rung cowbells for me in past races. Done. Volunteered at Boston’s Run to Remember. Great experience. Volunteering at a race needs to become an annual goal for me.

9. Try Pilates. Or cross-country skiing. Or both. Something new, in any event. Never got to Pilates, but I did try cross-country skiing, and loved it. I also did my first burpee. Didn’t love that as much, but obviously didn’t hate it too much, either, since I accepted the Spartan Race 30 Day Burpee challenge and went on to do 900 more.

10. Make headway with Colby on our idea for a 5K race for the disabled. Would be great if we could actually pull it together in 2013; if not, would like to have something in the works for 2014. We have not gotten around to this. Keeping it on the list for 2014.

And there is a year of goals in review. I met some, didn’t even come close to others, and some remain a solid work in progress. Truth be told, if I had met them all, I would have felt disappointed, not satisfied. What’s left to do if you meet all of your goals???

Off to work on my list for 2014!



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